DRG4's Spider-Man: TAS Season 1 Episode Guide

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Night of the Lizard
(Episode 1)

The first episode featuring the Lizard.

Sting of the Scorpion
(Episode 2)

The Scorpion arrives.

The Spider-Slayer
(Episode 3)

The Black Widow strikes.

Return of the

(Episode 4)

The Tri-Spider Slayer attacks.

The Menace of Mysterio
(Episode 5)

Mysterio knows how to make an entrance.

Dr. Octopus: Armed
and Dangerous

(Episode 6)

Dr. Octopus makes his debut.

The Alien Costume,
Part 1

(Episode 7)

Spider-Man finds a new costume.

The Alien Costume,
Part 2

(Episode 8)

The Shocker strikes.

The Alien Costume,
Part 3

(Episode 9)

Venom attacks Spidey and Peter Parker.

Kraven the Hunter
(Episode 10)

Kraven stalks Spider-Man.

The Hobgoblin, Part 1
(Episode 11)

The Hobgoblin takes flight.

The Hobgoblin, Part 2
(Episode 12)

Spider-Man takes on the Hobgoblin.

Day of the Chameleon
(Episode 13)

Spidey searches for the Chameleon.

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