The Alien Costume, Part 3
(Episode 9)

Story by John Semper & Mark Hoffmeier
Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier
Originally Broadcast on May 13, 1995

Eddie Brock is in his new apartment pumping iron. He recounts his meetings with Spider-Man and how the wall-crawler always persecuted him. After the flashbacks, he scoffs, looks at a picture of the wall-crawler and says that this time, he's going to pay. Meanwhile, the Kingpin is furious at Spider-Man for the whole Prometheum X mess, so he sends the Shocker and Rhino out to finish Spidey (he encounters them during his patrol). He loses and is about to be blasted away by Shocker, when an unknown creature arrives and throughly beats up the two villains. Spidey gets up and see Eddie Brock standing there. Eddie helps him stands up and calls him Peter Parker. Spider-Man gets mad and Brock grabs him and morphs into Venom. He says,"We're your old clothes kid. Your handme downs. What Peter Parker has rejected, Eddie Brock has embraced!" Venom and Spider-Man fight continually until Venom makes a threat saying that wherever Peter goes, he'll be following him. Brock stays true to his word. He stalks Peter repeatedly, and in one instance, he actually unmasks him in front of a large crowd, including JJ, but they can't get a look at his face since he's so far up (there on top of a sky scrapper). In another instance, Brock intrudes on Peter's date with Mary Jane, and then after Peter takes her home, Brock follows him to Aunt May's house. Peter realizes that there is only one way to get rid of Venom for good. Later, Venom returns to his apartment and sees newspaper clippings everywhere saying how Brock was fired. He gets really mad and Spidey stands at the window and says, "Like how I redecorated the place?" Brock turns back into Venom, screams, and chases after him. Spidey keeps moving, with Venom right behind him. This continues for a few minutes until they arrive at the shuttle base. Spidey webs his way over to the John Jameson probe (named after John Jameson, obviously) with Venom only centimeters away. They are right next to the probe and then all of a sudden, right when Venom catches Spidey and is about to beat him up, the rockets begin to go off. Venom starts to scream, since the loud noises are causing the symbiote to leave him. It finally disbands from Brock, and Spidey webs it to the shuttle and watches it fly off into space, never to be seen again (Or will it?.......).


The end of this episode is loosely based on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 300.


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