Day of the Chameleon
(Episode 13)

Written by John Semper
Originally Broadcast on June 11, 1995

An international spy and hitman known as the Chameleon plans to assassinate two major diplomats on the brink of signing the peace proposal of the century. S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury solicits J.J. Jameson's assistance in an effort to prevent the "human shape-shifter" from derailing the proposal signing. But only Spider-Man with his super keen "spider-sense" can discern who is really whom and stop the criminal before it's too late. Spider-Man encounters Chameleon at Jameson's big party, and it looks like he bites the dust after Agent 1 shoots down his helicopter. He doesn't. It all goes to a head the following morning at the peace conference. Somehow, Peter Parker gets past security and sits next to JJ. He sets up his camera to take a shot of the diplomats when Spider-Man arrives and knocks "Parker" down. It seems that his camera was really a weapon that would have killed the diplomats. Spider-Man and "Peter" fight until Spidey defeats him by destroying his image-inducer belt, which thereby stops the assination attempt.


This episode originally aired in primetime, along with the third season finale of the X-MEN cartoon.

This episode was nominated for an IMAGE Award.

This episode was submitted to the Emmy Awards for the category "Outstanding Animated Program, 30 minutes or less."  Unfortunately, it was not even nominated.

This episode won a "Golden Reel Award" from The Motion Picture Sound Editors.

The current version of this episode shown on ABC Family and Toon Disney is HEAVILY edited. Many explosions have been cut out, and some of the dialogue has been muted to get rid of terrorist references. I don't really think this way necessary since this whole episode is about trying to stop a terrorist.


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