Kraven the Hunter
(Episode 10)

Story by John Semper & Jan Strnad
Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier
Originally Broadcast on April 1, 1995

Spider-Man finds himself caught in a deadly triangle with a doctor from Africa named Mariah Crawford and the man who has stalked her all the way to America...Kraven the Hunter. The two met on safari in Aftica, when Dr. Crawford saved Sergei Kravenoff's life with a naitive potion. But the medicine had a strange side effect: Kraven developed prodigious powers causing hum to menace any in his path, human or beast. Dr. Crawford fled Africa, accepting a research position in New York but Kraven followed. When Spidey prevents Kraven from kidnapping the good doctor, Kraven misinterprets the web-slinger's intentions towards Dr. Crawford. Kraven vows to begin his greatest hunt...for the man who stole his love's affection!


If Kraven's voice sounds familiar, it's because he's voiced by Gregg Berger (the voice of Mysterio from a few episodes back).


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