Night of the Lizard
(Episode 1)

Written by Gerry Conway, Stan Lee, & John Semper
Originally Broadcast on November 19, 1994

Peter Parker and his college science professor Dr. Curt Conners explore neogenics as a method of limb regeneration. But while experimenting on himself, Connors accidentally becomes the Lizard, a half-man, half-reptile monstrosity that terrorizes Manhattan and subsequently kidnaps his own wife. Spider-Man's task is doubly difficult because he doesn't want to hurt the good friend he knows is trapped inside...but he must stop the inhuman beast who is out of control.


This episode aired 3 to 4 months before the rest of the season 1 episodes, as part of a special sneak preview. For some reason, FOX opted to air The Spider Slayer after this one, instead of Sting of the Scorpion. One thing of note is that after this episode's initial broadcast, FOX aired a commericial for Spider-Slayer, that ended with the scene where Eddie Brock unmasks "Spider-Man" (it stopped right before you saw Flash's face). A good way to keep viewers in suspense.

FOX KIDS Ratings Info: a 5.3 household rating, an 8.8 rating for children 2-11, and a 7.7 rating for children 6-17. The ratings were unprecedented for the 11:30 a.m. time period, let alone a special "sneak preview."


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