The Hobgoblin, Part 1
(Episode 11)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Larry Brody & John Semper
Originally Broadcast on May 20, 1995

Norman Osborn hires hitman and thief, the Hobgoblin, to take out Osborn's "silent" partner, Wilson Fisk (Kingpin). During Hobgoblin's attempt to do so, at the dedication of a new crime lab, Peter saves the day by pushing Fisk out of the way just in time. He changes to Spidey and fights the Hobgoblin for a short while, but eventually loses the Maniac. When Hobgoblin returns to Oscorp, Norman yells at him for failing and then fires him. Mad, Hobgoblin leaves and decides that Osborn needs to be taught a lesson. Elsewhere, Peter is talking with Aunt May about his moving in with Harry Osborn (Hary asked him at the dedication). It takes a few minutes, but Aunt May gives in. Later, Peter moves in to his new apartment with Harry, and celebrates at a house-warming party Harry threw. Meanwhile, the Hobgoblin is at the Crysler building looking around. He accidently stubmles on a hidden elevator and winds up at Crime Central. He sees Fisk and Smythe and realizes that he's the Kingpin. Kingpin tells his men to destroy him, but Hobgoblin says that if he does, he'll never find out who hired him to hit him. Kingpin gives in and so Hobgoblin says that Norman Osborn hired him. Kingpin says that Osborn must pay, and that he has a job for him to do. The following morning, Hobgoblin goes to Peter and Harry's new apartment. He gases the place and grabs Harry. When Peter shakes off the gas, he runs over to Aunt May (who had just arrived) and finds out that she's unconcious. He calls 911 so she can get to the hospital in time. Meanwhile, Hobgoblin arrives back at Crime Central and drops Harry off. He demands for Fisk to pay him, but Fisk says that he will be paid when he says he will be paid. Hobgoblin gets upset and leaves and goes to Oscorp. Norman is furious and tells him that he wants Harry back. Hobby says that Fisk betrayed him and that if he gives him better weapons, then they can get Fisk together. Norman realizes there is no other alternative and gives Hobby a new glider. Outside, Peter has snuck into Oscorp to see Norman. He hears Hobgoblin's laugh, changes into Spidey, and bursts into the room. Hobgoblin quickly leaves with Spidey right behind him. They fight in the air and around the city for a long time, until Spidey ducks into a building to avoid a smart bomb. The bomb follows him into the building and it explodes. TO BE CONTINUED......


Before John Semper became the show's executive producer/story-editor, Martin Pasko had the job. Pasko declared that Norman Osborn was going to become The Hobgoblin instead of the Green Goblin. Fortunately, when John Semper came aboard, he managed to get this idea scrapped before it was too late.


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