The Hobgoblin, Part 2
(Episode 12)

Written by Stan Berkowitz
Originally Broadcast on May 27, 1995

Spider-Man survives the smart bomb attack (he leaps out of the building at the last instant) but after that, the Hobgoblin has fleed. Angry because he couldn't stop the fiend that hurt Aunt May and kidnapped Harry, Spider-Man enters the fray with a vengeance. Elsewhere, back at Crime Central, fed up with Kingpin (and since Kingpin has decided to kill him) Hobgoblin starts attacking Crime Central. Kingpin and Smythe are on their way to evacuate but Hobgoblin throws a pumpkin bomb at them, and he believes they are dead. He then realizes that he is now the new Kingpin of Crime. He calls up Norman and says that he's the new Kingpin, and tha Harry's his for the time being. Just then, Kingpin and Smythe arrive. They say that they survived by escaping through a secret entrance/exit. Kingpin says that Osborn must help him reclaim Crime Central, and wants to know if he has a weapon that can help. Osborn says that he does have a something, or better put, someone. Spidey arrive soon after and tells Norman that he doesn't see Harry. Norman says that Hobgoblin was supposed to help him get Harry back, but he lied to him and that he needs his help to get him back. Spidey says okay. Norman takes Spidey to the secret entrance and Spidey heads on in to save his friend. It takes a while, but finally he winds up at Crime Central. Hobgoblin hears him and they start a vicious fight. Eventually, Hobgoblin realizes that he'll lose if he stays any longer, so he leaves. Spidey wants to chase after him but decides he has to save Harry first. They go back through the tunnel that Spidey came through, and almost don't make it since Kingpin and Smythe returned to Crime Central and they started the self-destruct sequence to the tunnel. Spidey and Harry barely make it out alive. Spider-Man then takes Harry to Oscorp and into the arms of his father. As Norman is speaking to Spidey about Harry, Hobgoblin arrives. Still angry, Spider-Man chases after him. They have an intense battle that finally ends with Hobgoblin crashing into the sea. Peter then returns to Aunt May's hospital room to see that she has recovered. Happy, Peter looks out the window and wonders what lies ahead.


Spider-Man visits Crime Central for the first time, although he doesn't know anything about it yet.


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