The Alien Costume, Part 1
(Episode 7)

Story by Avi Arad & Stan Lee
Teleplay by John Semper, Stan Berkowitz, Meg McLaughlin, & Len Wein
Originally Broadcast on April 29, 1995

A space shuttle piloted by J.J.'s son, John Jameson, crash lands on the Tri-Borough Bridge carrying a rare substance, Prometheum X. Kingpin, wanting the Prometheum, sends a thug called the Rhino to steal it for him. Rhino goes to the bridge, breaks into the newly landed shuttle, and steals the Prometheum. On his way out, he encounters Spider-Man. They fight for a minute, but then Rhino leaves with the Prometheum. Noticing that the shuttle is about to fall into the river, he quickly gets John Jameson and his co-pilot out. Outside, the yet still unemployed Eddie Brock is taking pictures of the crash. Moments later, the shuttle heads into the water, with Spidey on board. He emerges from the water with a dark stain covering his costume. Exhausted, he heads for home and turns on the news, hopping to see Jameson prasing him for saving his son. Instead, he sees that Jameson has put a one million dollar bounty on his head for stealing from the shuttle. It seems that Brock met JJ on the bridge and said that he had pictures of Spidey taking the Prometheum (and he conviently forgets to mention the Rhino). Brock offers them to Jonah in exchange his old job, and JJ agrees. Meanwhile, Peter, who's furious, goes to his room to sleep. He has a dream in which a big black costume is attacking him and his Spider-Man costume is trying to save him. Unfortunately, the black costume wins the dream battle. Peter suddenly awakens hanging from a skyscraper, now clothed in a black version of his costume. He starts to wonder how he got there when he is put under attack by police officers. He realizes, as he tries to escape them, that this new suit greatly enhances his abilities. Peter realizes that he likes the new suit. He goes to ESU and has a brief tussle with Flash Thompson over Felicia, and then realizes that he should finish what he started with the Rhino. He had places a spider-tracer on him during their last battle, so he simply follows the signal. He eventually finds Rhino and they fight. This time, Spidey completely cleans Rhino's clock. He threatens Rhino to tell him who he's working for, but Rhino won't crack. He takes a metal door and is about to kill Rhino with it when he realizes that he's out of control. He drops the door and quickly leaves, leaving the Rhino. Peter realizes that along with the new costume comes a nasty streak that makes him wonder what he has become. TO BE CONTINUED....


When Peter mentions that he wants to look like "the guy from Aerosmith," this is an in-joke to Joe Perry, the Aerosmith member who wrote the show's theme song.


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