The Spider-Slayer, Part 1
(Episode 3)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz
Originally Broadcast on February 4, 1995

In order to pay off his debt to the crime boss known as the Kingpin, Norman Osborn, a multi-millionaire industrialist, hires Spencer Smythe, a robotics engineer, to design a powerful robot called the Spider-Slayer to capture and destroy Spider-Man. But when Peter Parker's campus rival, Flash Thompson, puts on a Spider-Man costume as a party gag, he's the one who gets captured by the deadly cybernetic device.


This was the second episode to air. It was the first episode to air on a weekly schedule.

This episode was the highest rated show for the morning, averaging an 8.1 rating among kids 2 to 11 and delivering the highest ratings (equal to ABC, CBS and NBC combined) in the time period for FOX KIDS for the 1994-95 season to date. One hour later, X-MEN proved its mettle by tying with SPIDER-MAN as the highest rated show among kids 2 to 11, and winning the 6 to 17 demographic with a 7.2 rating to SPIDER-MAN's strong second place finish (6.6).


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