The Alien Costume, Part 2
(Episode 8)

Story by John Semper & Brynne Chandler Reaves
Teleplay by Brynne Chandler Reaves
Originally Broadcast on May 6, 1995

Spider-Man is patrolling the streets with his new black costume and is scoffing at the people below. He has a brief tussle with some bounty hunters, during which he finds out that his new suit is effected by sonic vibrations, and then decides to go to the source of his problems, Brock. He goes to the Bugle and swings into Jameson's office during a conference with Brock. Spider-Man says that Brock lied and that he never showed the pictures of "the guy in the Rhino suit." Brock laughs at him (a sort of nervous laugh) and then Jameson calls for security. Spidey says that if he doesn't call of the reward, then he'll be back, to which he leaves. Once outside, he realizes that he almost lost it back there. He goes to ESU to see Curt Conners. Doc Conners if scared of him for a moment, but Spidey convinces him to trust him, since he helped him with his Lizard mess. They cut off a portion of the costume and the Doc analyzies it. He reveals that it's a symbiote, a being that thrives off other beings. He warns Spider-Man to get rid of the suit now, but Spidey says he can't yet, since he needs it. That night, he goes to Brock's apartment and searches for the pictures of the crash (which he finds). Outside, Brock finds out that he's been evicted. As he turns away from his former home, he encounters the Shocker. Shocker starts blasting at him and Brock tries to dodge and run away. Spidey hears this and heads outside to stop Shocker. They battle until Shocker blasts away part of a building so it lands on Spider-Man. Spider-Man gets up in a few moments and follows him to a lair of the Kingpin's (not Crime Central). Spidey bursts through the door and easily beats up Smythe and Shocker. He spots the Prometheum X and leaves. Elsewhere, Jameson visits John in the hospital and finds out: "So there was a clown in a rhino suit there." Jameson goes to the Bugle, yells at Brock, and fires him (again). Later, at Jameson's home, Shocker arrives and gives Jonah his son's hospital tag. Minutes later, Jameson goes live on TV calling out for Spider-Man's help so he can get John back. It becomes a trade: the Prometheum for the Jameson. The exchange takes place at a museum, in which Spidey gives Smythe the Prometheum, and then gives Jameson his son. Jameson leaves, and then Shocker appears and starts blasting again. A battle occurs, during which Eddie Brock (who followed Spider-Man and Jameson) also tries to attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man webs him up in a thick layer of webbing and puts him in a lower part of the museum while he battles Shocker. Spidey has Shocker near a window and is about to push him out to his death, when he comes to his senses. The suit doesn't, however, and a strand of it pushes Shocker out (but Spidey uses his webbing to save him). There are bells nearby in the room, and as a result of the loud sound, the symbiote leaves Peter. Peter yells at it, and says that he doesn't want it anymore. The sounds continues to increase until it looks like the symbiote is dead. Peter, relieved, quickly leaves (he's only in his underwear). Unfortunately, the symbiote isn't dead. It slips down some cracks in the floor and just happens to land on Brock. It covers him up and moments later, Brock, now as Venom, is outside looking at a paper about Spider-Man, saying that he will soon pay. TO BE CONTINUED.....


The end of this episode is loosely based on WEB OF SPIDER-MAN # 1.


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