DRG4's Spider-Man: TAS Season 4 Episode Guide

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(Episode 42)

Spider-Man teams-up with Jameson.

The Cat
(Episode 43)

The origin of the super-soldier serum.

The Black Cat
(Episode 44)

The Black Cat crosses Spidey's path.

The Return of Kraven
(Episode 45)

Kraven returns.

(Episode 46)

Scorpion and Vulture return.

The Awakening
(Episode 47)

Morbius returns.

The Vampire Queen
(Episode 48)

Blade returns.

Return of the Green Goblin
(Episode 49)

Harry becomes the Green Goblin.

The Haunting of Mary Jane
(Episode 50)

Mysterio returns.

The Lizard King
(Episode 51)

The Lizard returns.

The Prowler
(Episode 52)

The Prowler is on the prowl.

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