(Partners in Danger, Part 5; Episode 46)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Cynthia Harrison and Brooks Wachtel
Originally Broadcast on May 3, 1997

Black Cat decides to go solo, since Spidey doesn't want to be her partner. But no sooner does she decided this that Toomes Aerodyanmics is robbed, and the leader of the operation is Alistair Smythe, who overpowers the Cat and Spidey, and takes Cat hostage. Now in the employ of 'Baby' Silvermane, Smythe holds Cat hostage so Spider-Man will do his bidding. Spidey's quest is to find either the missing Scorpion or The Vulture (samples of Neogenic engineering) so that Smythe can use it to bring Silvermane back to adulthood. Spidey gets Doc Conners help to set a trap to catch Scorpion, but no sooner then Spidey gives Smythe the Scorpion, then the Vulture comes (thanks to Gargan's girlfriend Sarah) and swaps life force with Silvermane, reverting Silvermane to an old man, and Vulture to his young form. In the end, after the Recombinator and building blow up, Spidey and Black Cat become partners.


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The Incredible Hulk is mentioned by Black Cat. Also, Martin Landu is replaced by Richard Moll in the role of Scorpion. Landau was replaced because he won the Oscar for "Ed Wood" and could not fit voicework into his schedule anymore.


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