The Prowler
(Partners in Danger, Part 11; Episode 52)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Terence Taylor
Originally Broadcast on August 2, 1997

While Peter and Mary Jane are looking for an apartment they are mugged, and Spidey goes after the crook, leaving him strung up for the cops. The crook, Hobie Brown, or better known as the Prowler, get's tangled up with Richard Fisk and the Kingpin while in jail. Kingpin helps free him from jail, and hires Hobie, as the Prowler, as one of his men. Hobie's given a special suit with a belt that will detonate if he tampers with it. In the end, he asks Peter and Spidey to help him. Spider-Man and Prowler team up against the Kingpin, so Hobie can have a chance at returning to a normal 'good' life.


If Rodney Saulsberry's voice sounds familiar, it's because he usually provides the voice of Robbie Robertson.

John Semper was apparently planning on doing a storyline featuring The Rose (Richard Fisk) and Ned Leeds in the sixth season. I guess Richard Fisk's minor involvement in this episode was to help keep people aware of him.


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