The Haunting of Mary Jane
(Partners in Danger, Part 9; Episode 50)

Story by John Semper and Virginia Roth
Teleplay by Meg McLaughlin and John Semper
Originally Broadcast on July 19, 1997

After a brief fight with Mysterio, Peter learns that Mary Jane finally got her big break in recreating the movie roll made famous by an actress, named Miranda Wilson. Miranda mysteriously disappeared following a stunt gone wrong in the original movie (the stunt sent Quention Beck aka Mysterio to jail, and started his Spidey fixation). Everyone believes Miranda is dead. When Mary Jane starts hearing voices, she's convinced her long-lost father has come back, but instead finds herself trapped in the catacombs below Wonder Studios in the clutches of the now crazy, hideously scarred Miranda. Spidey goes after Mary Jane, and winds up teaming up with Mysterio (who escaped from jail, via a holocube),and after barely getting her out alive, (in which Miranda and Mysterio supposedily sacrifice themselves), Mary Jane tells Spidey she loves a boy named Peter Parker, to which Spidey takes off his mask. TO BE CONTINUED...


Ed Gilbert reprises his role of Mr. Watson that originated from a brief flashback clip in "Dr. Strange."


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