Return of the Green Goblin
(Partners in Danger, Part 8; Episode 49)

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Originally Broadcast on July 12, 1997

Harry Osborn becomes delusional, thinking he's talking to the missing Green Goblin. Controlled by his father from the limbo dimension, Harry becomes the new Green Goblin. Spider-Man goes after the 'returned' Green Goblin, only to discover that it's his best friend, and his shock allows the Goblin to escape. Meanwhile, the Punisher has been hired by Anna Watson to find Mary Jane. The Punisher pegs Peter Parker as the Green Goblin, but the appearance of the real deal changes his mind. At the end of the episode, Peter takes Harry to Ravencroft, while the Punisher takes home a returned Mary Jane, who has a little amensia.


The role of Aunt May changes fully to Julie Bennett, starting with this episode.

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