The Awakening
(Partners in Danger, Part 6; Episode 47)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Sean Catherine Derek
Originally Broadcast on May 10, 1997

Debra Whitman is intent on discovering the whereabouts of Michael Morbius, better known as the Living Vampire, by using the resources of the Herbert Foundation. She upsets almost everyone by rescuing the plasma-sucker from his Cave by sea, and then announces her plan to use Doc Connors' Neogenic Recombinator to revive him. Soon, Shocker and Landon arrive, and capture Morbius, with the Black Cat in pursuit, using some of Whistler's best weapons. Eventually, Morbius is turned back to how he was in season 2, but he escapes. Landon gets plasma drained, and is sent to the hospital.


This is Shocker's latest apperence since BATTLE OF THE INSIDIOUS SIX in season 2. Also, Malcom Macdowell is replaced by Oliver Muirhead in the role of Whistler.


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