The Return of Kraven
(Partners in Danger, Part 4; Episode 45)

Written by Meg McLaughlin
Originally Broadcast on February 22, 1997

Strange things are going on in Manhattan -- a wild creature is attacking citizens -- and clues suggest to Spidey it might be Kraven The Hunter, since Kraven attacks him at the Hardy Foundation with his powerful Kraven strength. The Black Cat tries to convince Spidey he needs a partner to help. After some snooping conducted by Debra Whitman and Flash Thompson, they discover that it's not Kraven, but really a transformed Dr. Crawford, who when given the serum that changed Kraven, becomes Calypso. Together, Spidey, Black Cat, and Kraven, team-up to free the doc.


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This is Linda Gary's final appearance as Aunt May.

This is one of the darkest episodes of the series.


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