DRG4's Spider-Man: TAS Season 2 Episode Guide

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The Insidious Six
(Episode 14)

The villains band together.

Battle of the
Insidious Six
(Episode 15)

Spider-Man unmasked?

(Episode 16)

Hydro-Man is all wet.

The Mutant Agenda
(Episode 17)

An X-Men adventure.

Mutants' Revenge
(Episode 18)

Mutant attack in Time Square.

(Episode 19)

Morbius mouths off.

Enter the Punisher
(Episode 20)

Spider-Man gives The Punisher
a hand (or six).

Duel of the Hunters
(Episode 21)

The Man-Spider attacks.

Blade the Vampire

(Episode 22)

Blade is on the vampire hunt.

The Immortal Vampire
(Episode 23)

Is that Man-Bat?

The Tablet of Time
(Episode 24)

The Mega-Slayer strikes.

Ravages of Time
(Episode 25)

Silvermane acts like a baby.

Shriek of the Vulture
(Episode 26)

The Vulture takes flight.

The Final Nightmare
(Episode 27)

But not the final episode.

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