Mutants' Revenge
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 5; Episode 18)

Story by John Semper & Michael Edens
Teleplay by Francis Moss & Ted Pedersen
Originally Broadcast on October 7, 1995

Wolverine catches up with Spider-Man, hot on the trail of the missing Hank McCoy. Discovering his location and the plot to destroy all mutantkind the two team up and rescue Beast in the nick of time just as he was about to become the first test subject of Landon's horendous plan. But when Landon accidentally falls victim to his own experiment he is changed into a giant monster that feeds on electrical energy. Can Spider-Man and the X-Men succeed in stopping this 50-foot tall, ohm-eating monster?


This team-up was based on a Spider-Man comic strip story by Stan Lee and Steven Grant.


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Featuring Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and the Silver Surfer.