The Insidious Six, Part 1
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 1; Episode 14)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by John Semper & David Lee Miller
Originally Broadcast on September 9, 1995

The Crime Lords, led by Silvermane, are holding The Kingpin accountable for his failure to eliminate Spider-Man. So six of the Wall-Crawler's greatest enemies are called together to do the job: Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, The Scorpion, The Rhino, The Shocker and The Chameleon. Unfortunately, Spidey's powers have been on the blink due to the changes in his blood chemistry. Is this the moment the super-villains have been waiting for?<


In the comics, the Insidious Six has been known as the Sinister Six. Standards and Practices believed that the word "sinister" was too evil and insisted "insidious" serve as a replacement.

The Owl, a Daredevil villain, has a cameo during the opening scene with the Kingpin.


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