Enter the Punisher
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 7; Episode 20)

Story by John Semper & Carl Potts
Teleplay by Carl Potts
Originally Broadcast on November 4, 1995

As more ESU students are attacked and striken with the strange 'plasma disorder,' Spider-Man is blamed once again, although it's Morbius feeding on his victims' hemoglobin. Enter Frank Castle, The Punisher, a vigilante who takess out after 'the vampire' Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the Wall-Crawler tracks Morbius, The Living Vampire, to stop his bloody rampage, but this makes Spidey an easy target for the Punisher.


Carl Potts, a famous Punisher comic book writer, helped write this episode.

If Microchip's voice sounds familiar, it's because he's voiced by the same guy who provided the voice of Lord Zedd on the Power Rangers show.


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