Duel of the Hunters
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 8; Episode 21)

Written by John Semper
Originally Broadcast on November 11, 1995

Looks like it's curtains for Spider-Man (who's now become a Man-Spider) but he turns the tables on the Punisher and it's the vigilante who barely escapes in his battle van. Meanwhile, Dr. Mariah Crawford summons Sergi Kravenoff, better known as Kraven The Hunter, to help her track down Spider-Man and cure him of his mutation with a newly developed antidote. Unfortunately, when the Man-Spider makes its way to the ESU campus the Punisher is hot on his heels. Will the Punisher succeed in destroying Spider-Man in his new mutated form or will Kraven and Dr. Crawford reach him first?


The Man-Spider appeared in the comics in MARVEL FANFARE # 1-2.

Current reruns of this episode (on ABC Family and Toon Disney) edit the reference to the World Trade Center. In the original broadcast version (and probably still seen overseas), The Punisher asks Kraven how he found him and the Man-Spider. Kraven says that he traced Man-Spider's scent to the garage of the World Trade Center, which had been bombed a few years earlier. The new edited version just ends after Kraven tells The Punisher that Spider-Man is innocent of the kidnapping charge.


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