Ravages of Time, Part 2
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 12; Episode 25)

Written by Mark Hoffmeier, Stan Berkowitz, & John Semper
Originally Broadcast on November 25, 1995

It's a double double-cross. Doc Connors warns his captor Silvermane about the tablet, but Silvermane won't listen and positions the ancient stone in a replica of the Toltec temple. As the sun rises and courses through the stone, the beam engulfs Silvermane. Suddenly, he's a young man again. Connors' fury triggers his own metamorphosis into The Lizard and in the ensuing battle with Tombstone and Spider-Man, Silvermane morphs again, younger and younger until...


This episode originally aired before "Blade the Vampire Hunter" and "The Immortal Vampire."


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