The Mutant Agenda
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 4; Episode 17)

Story by John Semper, J.M. DeMatteis & Stevent Grant
Teleplay by Michael Edens
Originally Broadcast on September 30, 1995

Spider-Man's progressing neogenic mutation is making him ill and he seeks the aid of a man known to help all mutants...Dr. Charles Xavier. In doing so he meets the X-Men but is disappointed to learn that Xavier does not 'cure' mutancy, only helps those born that way to accept and control their abilities. In the process of this endeavor though he becomes involved in a plot to destroy mutants everywhere. Will he be able to stop this hideous plan with the help of the X-Men?


The X-Men voice actors were all flown in from Canada to participate in the voice recording of this episode. It cost a lot of money, and resulted in the X-Men being unable to participate in Season 5's SECRET WARS.

Lewald, the spy working for the Kingpin, was named after the X-Men cartoon's story editor (Eric Lewald).

This team-up was based on a Spider-Man comic strip story by Stan Lee and Steven Grant.

Herbert Landon was originally going to be voiced by Eric Braeden, star of "The Young of the Restless," but things didn't work out. For more information, read my INTERVIEW WITH JOHN SEMPER.


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