The Immortal Vampire
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 10; Episode 23)

Written by John Semper & Meg McLaughlin
Originally Broadcast on February 10, 1996

Blade and Spider-Man are forced to put their differences aside in an attempt to track down Morbius and stop him from transforming everyone into vampires like himself using the Neogenic Recombinator. When Lt. Terri Lee joins the chase, she falls for the moody vampire hunter in the process. Speaking of romance, Morbius kidnaps his lady-love Felicia Hardy in order to transform her into the first of many vampires. Just in time, Blade and Spider-Man discover Morbius' hideout and interrupt him long enough for Felicia to force him to face the truth, but is it in time to save Morbius from his own mutation?


Many people think that the mutated Morbius looks a lot like Man-Bat from BATMAN: TAS. I guess he sort of does.


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