Shriek of the Vulture, Part 1
(Neogenic Nightmare, Part 13; Episode 26)

Story by John Semper, Gilles Wheeler, & Eyelyn A. R. Gabai
Teleplay by Eyelyn A. R. Gabai
Originally Broadcast on February 17, 1996

While CEO Adrian Toomes is absorbed in regaining his youth, Norman Osborn is engineering a hostile takeover of Toomes Aeronautical. Toomes vows revenge and takes to the air as the Vulture, armed with youth-absorbing talons that temporarily make him young. Meanwhile, on campus, Peter arrives to see Mary Jane in Faust where Harry Osborn is snatched out of the audience by the Vulture. Spidey rescues Harry, but the Vulture escapes. Later, as Toomes' talons grip Spider-Man's shoulder, Spidey's strength and vitality fade while the Vulture revels in newfound youth and super strength. To make his victory complete, Toomes begins to rip off Spidey's mask...


This incarnation of the Vulture was based on a recent AMAZING SPIDER-MAN storyline.


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