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Old Updates

12-20-04: A brand-new BEHIND THE SCENES article is up in the EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES, IMAGES, AND INTERVIEWS section. It has lots of new info and exclusive pictures, so check it out. This new article also features the official model sheet image of the Green Goblin, so I went and colored it and put the colored version in the Goblin's section of the ROGUE'S GALLERY. I also colored the Spider-Man model sheet, which you can see below. I also modified it and made one of the Scarlet Spider, which you can also see below.

I'll try to have a new pack of icons or a promo or two ready for the next update.

12-8-04: There's a new set of icons today. This pack features the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin, Blade, Vulture, Black Cat, and Morbius. Click the picture below to download the ZIP file containing the icons.

If you have any suggestions for characters that you want to see in future icon packs, E-MAIL ME and let me know.

11-19-04: The show first aired ten years ago today with a sneak preview of "Night of the Lizard" on the FOX KIDS Network. The show really began a few months later when more episodes were in shape to air. Anyway, I thought I might put up a full video of "Night of the Lizard" for a few days to commemorate things, but then I realized that the episodes are constantly on television now (on Toon Disney and ABC Family), so I didn't really see the point (not to mention that I lack the webspace).

So, instead of putting a video online of something you can easily see, I figured I should put up some videos of stuff that you can't easily see, namely some deleted scenes. Those current reruns that you see today differ from the original broadcast versions, as they are edited for content. So, I've created a page with Realplayer videos of the scenes that are currently altered or on the cutting room floor. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SPIDER-MAN DELETED SCENES PAGE.

Also, I've put all of the promos together and given them their own section on the site. I also added a brand-new episodic promo for "The Lizard King" episode. Go to the SPIDER-MAN PROMOS page to check them all out.

Finally, don't forget to check out the INTERVIEW WITH NEIL ROSS. He was the voice of Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, so read what he has to say about his Spider-Man experience.

11-10-04: The INTERVIEW WITH NEIL ROSS is now online in the "Exclusive Interviews, Articles, and Images" section, so check it out. A big special thanks to Neil Ross for taking the time out of his schedule to answer the questions.

11-6-04: I've revamped the frame and the episode guide pages, so check out the new designs. Thanks to Jim Harvey for the suggestions. Expect some more redesigns in the future. Also, I'm still accepting questions for Neil Ross, so E-MAIL ME and I'll consider asking your questions.

11-3-04: VERY IMPORTANT update today. Neil Ross, the voice of Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, has agreed to an interview about the show. If you have any questions for him, E-MAIL ME and I'll consider asking them in the interview. Try to send me your questions in the next few days.

9-11-04: The second icon pack is now ready for downloading. This one features the Insidious Six (Rhino, Dr. Octopus, Shocker, Chameleon, Scorpion, and Mysterio). You can download the ZIP file by clicking the picture below. I didn't get any feedback on the first icon pack, so please let me know how these look on your computer by E-MAILING ME (or posting on the message board or guestbook).

10-14-04: The ANIMATED GIFs problem has been fixed, so they should all be working now.

9-11-04: There's a significant update today. First of all, I've added various pieces of info to some of the episode pages (mainly ratings report info). Second, there's a big marathon on ABC Family tomorrow morning of various Marvel team-up episodes, including the X-Men two-parter from season two, so check it out. Thirdly, and probably most important, I've made some WINDOWS icons from the show. This first pack features Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Kingpin, Daredevil, and, as a bonus, John Semper (the driving force behind the show). Now, these look fine on my system but I don't know how they'll work on any of yours, so PLEASE E-MAIL ME (or post on the message board or guestbook) saying how they look on your computer. I'm planning on making some more, but I need to know that this format works before I continue. And for those of you who don't know how to use icons, what you do is right-click the folder or file that you want to change the icon of, click PROPERTIES, and then click CHANGE ICON. Then all you have to do is navigate to where the icons are on your system. So, click on the picture below to download the first icon pack. Remember, I need feedback so I can create more.

9-4-04: The writing credits and airdates are back on the episode pages. They used to be on there, but I don't know when/why/how they disappeared. Thanks to Dave for pointing that out. Also, here's another promo, this time an episodic one for THE PROWLER episode from when it aired in the summer of 1997 on FOX KIDS. As always, right click on the image below and select SAVE TARGET AS to download it. You'll need Realplayer to watch it. If you have any promos that you want to submit for the site, feel free to E-MAIL ME and I'll gladly put them up. I was only intending on doing FOX KIDS promos since they're the original ones, but I guess I could be open to ABC Family or Toon Disney ones as well.

8-24-04: Tweaked the ALLIES and VILLAINS sections since there were some errors and omissions. Thanks to Arthur for bringing them to my attention.

8-13-04: Another minor update today. I put up an increased number of episode pictures on the episode pages that only had a few (Alien Costume, Hydro-Man, etc.). Also, here's another promo. This one is from the end of the series. Right click on the picture below and select SAVE TARGET AS.

8-12-04: Small update today. I've encoded a bunch of original FOX promos, so I'll be putting some up gradually since I don't have the whole webspace issue cleared away yet. They're all Realplayer files. Right-click the picture below and select SAVE TARGET AS to download and watch the promo.

8-4-04: I changed the opening picture again. The old ones are at the bottom of this page. Also, it seems that those six DVDs that were released to Suncoast and Sam Goody stores were unauthorized, and they have been pulled from the stores.

7-30-04: Still no word on the fate of the ANIMATED GIFs, so we'll have to see. However, there's a brand-new section on the site today, "The Crew of Spider-Man: The Animated Series," featuring pictures of many of the crew members. Also, I've put up an Amazon.com Donation Page so you can donate to the site (it's in the frame and on this page). If you want to see more content (such as those ANIMATED GIFs or even multimedia stuff), or if you just want to express your gratitude for what's already on here, CLICK HERE to donate. Thanks in advance.

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7-26-04: Well, all of the ANIMATED GIFs are down now since the we used up all of the available bandwith in just a few hours. I guess putting up 40MB worth of GIFs wasn't a very good idea. I'll look into finding a new place to put them, so I'll update with more info soon. Also, I slightly modified the petition from a few days ago, so sign this new petition even if you already signed the old one. You can also access it from the new banner that I whipped up which you can see above. Thanks.

7-25-04: Yet another huge update in the ANIMATED GIFs section. By my count, there are now 119 different animated GIFs available for you to view. If you have any suggestions for some new ones, e-mail me.

7-21-04: A new petition has been created to bring back the show in some form or another. CLICK HERE to sign it.

7-18-04: Another huge update in the ANIMATED GIFs section. There are about FIFTY images up now, so check them out. I can take suggestions if there are any particular ones left that you want to see.

7-16-04: Huge update in the ANIMATED GIFs section. There are at least a dozen new images, so check them out.

7-14-04: A bunch of previously unannounced, new DVDs are NOW available at various locations, including Suncoast and Sam Goody Stores. Each disc has two episodes on it (without any of the endless Disney commercials at the beginning) and has a retail price of only $6.99. They're copyrighted 2002, so I guess these were released overseas and in Canada to coincide with the first movie. Thanks to the guys at the Toonzone Message Board for bringing these to my attention.

There only seems to be six different DVDs, so if you stumble on any different ones, please e-mail me and let me know. Here are all the covers that I scanned:

Consists of "Enter The Green Goblin" and "Return of the Green Goblin." Note that they took a stock photo of The Hobgoblin and repainted it to make him look like the Green Goblin.

Consists of "Blade the Vampire Hunter" and "The Immortal Vampire"

Consists of "Kraven the Hunter" and "The Return of Kraven"

Consists of "The Cat" and "The Black Cat"

Consists of "The Hobgoblin, Parts 1 and 2"

Consists of "I Really, Really Hate Clones" and "Farewell, Spider-Man"

7-1-04: Toon Disney is having a three day marathon this holiday weekend. They'll be showing various episodes of the show from 7PM to 11PM (Eastern time) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so check them out if you get the channel.

6-25-04: There's a HUGE update today, so here goes. First of all, I've added SEVEN brand-new articles to the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS, ARTICLES, & IMAGES section. They're various behind-the-scenes articles featuring interviews with the voice-actors, writers, and production designers from the show. There's an article on the beginning of the show, one about season 3, and one on the last episodes, so there's a good mix of topics. I also scanned lots of images from the articles, so there are lots of exclusive pictures that you'll see here for the first time on the Internet. If you know of any other articles related to the show, please e-mail me.

Second of all, don't forget that you can see lots of episodes of the show starting on this Saturday. ABC Family is airing "The Ultimate Slayer" on Saturday morning, and Toon Disney is showing "Night of the Lizard" and "Sting of the Scorpion" on Saturday night. Then, ABC Family begins their six-day long marathon on Sunday. For the complete rundown, CLICK HERE. Also, don't forget that "Spider-Man VS Doc Ock" goes on sale this Tuesday. But, of course, you already ordered it off of this site, so you should have nothing to worry about.

Finally, I'm currently looking for various Saturday Night Live episodes (90-minute uncut versions) ranging from 1997 to 2000. If you can help me, I can trade episodes from basically all of the 90s Marvel Cartoons (including Avengers and Spider-Man Unlimited). Please e-mail me if you can help.

6-20-04: Many episodes of the show are going to be aired in the next few weeks to coincide with the release of the movie. First of all, the cable channel "Toon Disney" will be adding the show to it's weekend lineup from 9:30PM to 10:30PM (Eastern Time) on Saturdays and Sundays for the forseeable future (starting on Saturday June 26 with the first two episodes). Second of all, ABC Family will be showing a huge marathon starting on Sunday June 27). For a listing of all the episodes and times, CLICK HERE.

In other news, expect a huge article update in the next few days. Also, if you're interested in copies of the episodes, e-mail me for more info.

6-16-04: The cover art for the "Spider-Man: The Venom Saga" DVD (the DVD coming after "Spider-Man VS Doc Ock") has been released, and you can see it below.

It's rumored to feature the "Alien Costume" episodes from season 1 and also "The Hobgoblin" two-parter from season 1, but we'll find out the official line-up soon.

6-4-04: As you probably already saw, there's a new opening picture for the site (to go along with the upcoming movie sequel). I scanned and edited it myself, so please don't take it and claim it as yours (as others like to do with my pictures). The old opening picture (which I also scanned and had to heavily edit and which other sites have stolen by cropping out my logo) is now at the bottom of this page. ALSO, I put up some more new stuff in the "Buy Spider-Man Stuff" section, so buy some stuff to support this site. Thanks.

6-2-04: The "Buy Spider-Man Stuff" section has been updated with tons of new stuff (including lots of new movie stuff). In terms of future updates, expect some more behind the scenes articles soon. Also, if you have Wizard Magazine # 68, please let me know.

5-23-04: Two big updates today. First off, I updated the Sounds section. There are a bunch of new files and I've organized the sounds into separate pages (based on who says them). Also, the episodes on the upcoming "Spider-Man VS Doc Ock" DVD (which you can order above) have been released. It's going to have the following episodes: Dr. Octopus: Armed & Dangerous, The Cat, The Black Cat, and Partners. Not what I would have done.

5-11-04: Very important update today.  The sounds update has to wait since I was busy putting up a brand new feature in the "Exclusive Interviews, Articles, & Images" section. The new feature is called "The Cast and Crew of 'Spider-Man' Talks," featuring video clips of Christopher Daniel Barnes, Ed Asner, and John Semper talking about the show. I explain more on the actual page, so GO THERE and see for yourself. Post your thoughts in the message board or in the guestbook.

5-9-04: Seasons 1 and 2 now have the increased number of episode pictures. Nobody has given me any feedback on the new episode page formatting, so if you're reading this, please let me know your thoughts. I'm not sure if the picture sizes are too big for lower screen resolutions (ex: 1024) since my computer is a widescreen with 1600. Anyway, expect a massive update to the Sounds section soon.

5-8-04: The episode pages for seasons 3, 4, and 5 now have the new episode pictures. I'm still tweaking with the formatting, but the pictures are up. I'll be getting the first two seasons up shortly. Please let me know your thoughts on the picture quality/sizes.

5-3-04: The increased number of episode pictures is finally happening, as I've started to upgrade the quality and number of episode pictures. Episode pages in the new format include: Enter the Green Goblin, Venom Returns, Carnage, The Spot, The Haunting of Mary Jane, and the Spider-Wars two-parter. Please let me know your thoughts on the new format. I'm not sure if the picture size is too big. I'll be updating the rest of the episodes gradually.

4-23-04: There's an important update in the "Sounds" section. I put up a .WAV file that I put together that serves to wrap up the loose ends of the show. It takes place right after the end of "Farewell, Spider-Man." Let me know your thoughts in the message board.

4-16-04: The sound file below wasn't a real outtake. It's actually from an episode of the "Iron Man" where Neil Ross was voicing Tony Stark's father. In terms of real sounds, the "Sounds" section FINALLY features sounds that I made myself. Let me know what you think about them, and let me know if there any sounds in particular that you want to see in there.

4-1-04: I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day pranks, but I figured I should try doing something for once. Click on this picture to download an audio file:

This file may or may not be an outake (from a scene that was cut out due to lack of time) from the "Return of the Green Goblin" episode. Judge for yourself and post your thoughts in the message board. I'll post the truth in a few days.

3-26-04: The cover art for the upcoming "Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock" DVD has been released. You can now pre-order the DVD (or the VHS version) in the "Featured Item of the Week" section up above. It comes out on June 29, 2004 (the day before the sequel opens). I still think that it's going to include "Dr. Octopus: Armed and Dangerous," the "Insidious Six" two-parter, and "Hydro-Man." I'll update with the confirmed episodes whenever the news breaks.

3-12-04: The "Episode Guide" pages have been completely revamped to the old format. Each episode now has pictures, a summary, guest voices, and notes. Let me know your thoughts on the format in the message board. Also, don't forget that "Spider-Wars" is airing tomorrow morning for the first time in a number of years.

3-6-04: The "Animated GIFs" section is now online. It features four GIFs that I made from "The Spot" and "Goblin War!" episodes. Let me know what you think about them. Also, it seems that the show will be returning to the weekend ABC Family lineup next week (March 13/14). On March 13 they'll be showing "Spider-Wars" for the first time from 10AM to 11AM (eastern time). I expect that they won't scene the part of the future vision where Crime Central blows up, but I guess we'll have to see.

3-4-04: I finally updated the frame. Let me know what you think about it. Also, I'll be putting up a brand-new "Animated GIFs" section in a few days.

2-21-04: It was announced recently that a new DVD is coming out at the end of June called "Spider-Man VS Dr. Octopus."  Although they haven't released any official details, my guess is that it'll include the following episodes: "Dr. Octopus: Armed & Dangerous," "The Insidious Six two-parter," and "Hydro-Man." I'll update with more information as it becomes available, and I'll add the DVD (and the VHS version) to the "Buy Spider-Man Stuff" section when the cover art is available.

1-31-04: The show ended six years ago today when FOX KIDS aired the Spider-Wars two-parter.

12-21-03: There are lots of updates today. First of all, there's a brand new article in the "Exclusive Interviews, Articles, & Images" section. It's called "A Profile of Peter Parker," and it features all of the info written by John Semper while the show was in production. In addition, Insominac Mania has a great interview with Neil Ross, the voice of the Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. CLICK HERE to read it. Among other things, one of the highlights is that he mentions that he never saw the Spider-Man movie.

11-24-03: There's a brand new section on the site today, "Fan Fiction." You can write your own stories or read ones that other people have submitted. There's only one story up now, but more should be on the way.

9-5-03: Two new items have been added to the "Exclusive Interviews, Articles, & Images" section. One of them is an Emmy ad, and the other is a commercial.

8-15-03: The "Spider-Man Allies Page" has been updated. All of the pictures work now.

8-5-03: There's a brand new exclusive on the site today in the "Exclusive Interviews, Articles, & Images" section.  It's the official, unused model sheet of Betty Brant, a Spider-Man character from the comics who was supposed to be used on the show.  This is the first time the image has been put on the Internet (and I even colored it myself), so check it out. Let me know what you think in the message board.

7-23-03: There's a brand-new section on the site today, "Behind the Scenes 2." It's another behind the scenes article that I typed up from an old magazine about the show. One highlight is that it features the original look/design of Peter Parker before they radically changed it for unknown reasons. Also, now that the new show has debuted on MTV, check out Matt's Spider-Man Animated MTV Page for episode pictures and info.

7-12-03: There's another brand new section on the site today.  It's called "Supporing Cast Profiles," featuring official model sheet pictures and biographies on the various supporting cast members.  I colored the model sheet pictures myself, so you can blame me if you don't like any of them.

7-10-03: This is just a reminder that the new cartoon show premieres tomorrow night on MTV, so check your local listings and watch it (if you're old enough).

7-4-03: There are two brand-new sections on the site today. The first is called "Rogue's Gallery," which is basically the "Spider-Man Villains Page" revamped.  A bunch of the villains have separate pages about them.  And for your information, I colored the model sheet pictures myself, so you can blame me if you don't like how Dr. Octopus is colored.  The other new section is a brand-new message board.  Both of the new section can be accessed from the frame at left.

6-28-03: I've added a new section to the site, and it's called "Behind the Scenes." It features lots of behind the scenes quotes from some of the people who helped bring the show to life. Also, I increased the size of all of the episode guide pictures to a much bigger format. Let me know what you think about the addition and the changes.

6-22-03: I've finally fixed the "Spider-Man Interactive Adventure Game." All of the pictures work, so you can actually beat the game now. Let me know what you think.

6-6-03: There's finally a big update. I've added a "Buy Spider-Man Stuff" section where you can buy lots of different Spider-Man things. Right now, there's only various VHS tapes and DVDs, but I'll be adding different things as time goes on.  If I make enough money doing this, I'll be able to increase my webspace so I can put all of the episode pictures back up, as well as possibly put up some video clips (NOT full episodes).

8-27-02: Well, there's lots of important news today. I've fixed the picture problem. Every episode has at least one picture from that episode to go along with its summary.

8-26-02: I made a new opening picture for this front page, which you can see above this notice.

7-1-01: The upcoming episodes on FOX are "Venom Returns" on Saturday, July 7, and "Carnage" on Saturday, July 14.

6-19-01: The new episode schedule is as follows:

Saturday June 23: Alien Costume, Part 2

Saturday June 30: Alien Costume, Part 3

6-7-01: Here's the latest episode schedule:

Saturday June 9: Return of the Green Goblin

Saturday June 16: Alien Costume, Part 1

5-26-01: Spider-Man: The Animated Series returns to the FOX KIDS Network today. It's going to be airing on Saturdays, so check your local listings for the time. This week's episode is "Mutant Agenda," featuring the X-Men, and next week should be the conclusion, "Mutant's Revenge." I'm willing to bet that the episodes are going to be edited, just like the X-Men was.

1-31-01: The show ended exactly three years ago to the day, on January 31, 1998.

7-1-00: There's some ACTUAL Spider-Man: The Animated Series news today. A new Spider-Man video game is going to be coming out soon on the Playstation and Nintendo 64. The game is going to have voice-overs by people from both FOX Spider-Man cartoons. The people from Spider-Man Unlimited are doing most of the voices, including Rino Romano as Spider-Man. However, there are two familiar voice actors from Spider-Man: TAS. Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. is reprising his role as Doctor Octopus, even though the game makers are refusing to officially say who he's voicing. Also, Jennifer Hale is reprising her role as the Black Cat, whose supposed to have a really big supporting role. All available screenshots and movies are looking really great, so the addition of these known voices should make the game even better.

6-24-00: The "Did You Know?" section has been updated again.

2-19-00: "The Mutant Agenda" is now up for download in the "Video Clips" section, made by the Joker. Let me know what you think.

1-31-00: The show ended exactly two years ago to the day, on January 31, 1998. To coincide with that, I've encoded "I Really, Really Hate Clones" and "Farewell, Spider-Man" into RealVideo files that are now available for download in the "Video Clips" section. Those are the two episodes that they showed that Saturday morning during the "special one hour event." Let me know what you think about the clips.

1-17-00: No new episodes today. But, Spider-Man has been in a couple of comic strips lately. The following are two of them.

1-15-00: There are now THREE NEW FULL EPISODES up for download in the "Video Clips" section. They are: "Partners," "The Awakening", and "The Vampire Queen." All are made by the Joker and while you're at it, check out his "Mysterious Cities of Gold" page HERE.

12-20-99: Well, "Sting of the Scorpion" is up in the Video Clips section. The files are still on XOOM, since NO ONE has offered any suggestions as to where they should go.

12-12-99: Okay, this is a request. I've taken the videos off of XOOM.COM, since they're known for deleting files first and asking questions later. I've been looking everywhere for some reliable, unlimited web space, but haven't been able to find anything. This is the request: If you, or someone you know, have a domain name and wouldn't mind hosting the RealVideo files, E-MAIL ME. So far, there are about 8 or so of the episodes completed and waiting to be uploaded. Also, we've improved the quality and the frame rates, so each episode is about 20 MB. Let me know.

11-27-99: "The Mutant Agenda," guest-starring the X-Men, is now up in the Video Clips section. It's the FULL EPISODE, made by the Joker.

11-25-99: There's a brand new FULL EPISODE up for download, from the Joker. It's "Turning Point," from season 3.

11-13-99: Important update today. There's now a FULL EPISODE of Spider-Man up for download in the Video Clips section, made by the Joker. The episode is "The Six Fight Again," from the Six Forgotten Warriors five parter. Let me know how you guys like it, and tell me which episodes you'd like to see up next.

11-12-99: A brand new video clip today, courtesy once again of the Joker. It's a four minute long clip, in Real Video format, from "The Six Fight Again." Expect more video clips soon.

10-30-99: Great news today. There's a brand section up called "Video Clips." It has video clips from all of the different Marvel Cartoons. Right now, there's only 1 file, but it's going to grow. That file is from Spider-Man, and was created by "the Joker." It's a .MPG file from "The Wedding" episode. Go to the BRAND NEW "Video Clips" section to download. E-mail me with your comments on it.

10-24-99: Well, I already posted this in the message board a few days ago, but I figured I should put it up here too. As of right now, Spider-Man Unlimited has been officialy PUT ON HOLD by FOX. It's not technically cancelled, but its not on the air either. EXTREMELY low ratings thanks to Pokemon have caused FOX KIDS to pull the show, along with Big Guy and Rusty. There's no official word on when it will be back. But, the good news is that the Avengers cartoon WILL BE premiering this coming Saturday (October 30th) in Big Guy's spot. I'll keep you posted on further developments. Also, I've got a request. I'm willing to make a Spider-Man Unlimited page, but I need your help. I NEED someone with a RealProducer program who can make copies of the actual episodes, and I need webspace to put them up. Let me know if you can help at all.

Also, I've updated the Buy Spider-Man Videos section with a brand new video that has just been released. It's the Secret Wars 3 parter, and it even has some bonus episodes on it (but I don't know what they are). The Spider-Wars 2 parter may be on it, but I'm not sure.

10-2-99: Well, Spider-Man Unlimited finally premiered this morning. Post your thoughts about it in the message board. I personally didn't like it that much. The animation was terrible (as I had expected, since it is Saban), and the voice acting was bad as well. They REALLY should have gotten Christopher Daniel Barnes back to do Spider-Man again.

9-17-99: Bad news today. FOX has, after 5 years on the network, stopped showing reruns of Spider-Man. Right now, the only outlet for the show is when the FOX Family Channel airs it on Sunday mornings. However, they edit the episodes, making pretty significant cuts. If you're looking for copies of any of the episodes (off FOX), e-mail me and I'll refer you to people who can help. But, I'd first recommend the videos on the Buy Spider-Man Videos section of this site, since the quality on those are AMAZING.

8-20-99: The break is finally over. I updated the "Did You Know?" section today.

7-28-99: Well, the BIG update is here. Basically, all I did was finally finish the Season 5 Episode Guide, putting up screenshots from all 13 episodes. But, that means that there are now screen captures up from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 65 EPISODES. I'm taking a break now, but you may want to check out my other Marvel Cartoon pages. I recommend my FF and X-Men sites the most. You can reach them through the banner at the top of this page.

7-27-99: There'll be a BIG update tomorrow. I guarantee it.

7-18-99: The "Interview With John Semper" is finally ready. Go to the "Interviews and Articles" section to read it.

7-17-99: The Season 4 Episode Guide is now completely FINISHED. Season 5 is almost done, so expect is to be up in another couple of days. Also, expect the John Semper interview in a few days as well.

7-10-99: The Season 4 Episode Guide should be done in the next couple of days. Also, don't forget that if you have any questions for John Semper, the man who literally gave the show life, e-mail them to me by tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Western.

7-8-99: Important news today! I just spoke with John Semper, the main man in charge of the Spider-Man cartoon. He wrote over half of the episodes, including all five parts of the "Six Forgotten Warriors 5 parter." He's agreed to an interview, so if you have any questions you want him to answer, e-mail me and I'll submit them to him. Be sure to do it by Sunday.

7-4-99: Another GIGANTIC update. Season 3 is now complete. Each of the fourteen episodes have a seperate page that tells about what occurs in it, including pictures and guest voices.

6-28-99: There's a GIGANTIC update today. There are now pictures up from all 14 episodes from season 2. Each one has its own seperate page, like the season 1 episodes. I'll get started on season 3 shortly.

6-24-99: Updated the "Did You Know?" section with a few more entries from John Cage.

6-22-99: No screen capture update yet, but I do have something in the way of picures. Below are the newest pictures from the Spider-Man: Unlimited character designs. Many thanks go to Sir Stack for providing them.

5-22-99: There'll be a screen capture update shortly. But, there's something else of importance. There's a new Spider-Man:TAS site that has been added to YAHOO. This site has been stealing pictures, text, and etc. from all the other Spider-Man sites. There is no new material at all. The person in charge has stolen material from me, so I urge all people not to visit that page. I tried e-mailing the person to take all the stolen stuff down, but the e-mail address does not work.

5-22-99: A few minor updates today. The "Did You Know?" section was updated. Also, there's a new message board.

5-21-99: Expect a big update soon, once I get some more free time.

4-9-99: Important news today. A brand new section has been put up, called "Buy Spider-Man Videos." There are over 10 videos you can buy from the series, each one containing at least two episodes. Many of them include bonus episodes of other Marvel Cartoons like the Fanastic Four or Iron Man. Click on the links to get the ordering information for each video, courtesy of Videoflicks.com.

4-6-99: The Season 1 Episode Guide has been completely revamped. I've put up screen captures from all 13 episodes, and split each episode into seperate sections. Expect the other episode guides to eventually be formatted like that.

2-10-99: More new Spider-Man Unlimited news. The following is one of the two official graphics of the new Spider-Man that FOX has released. It looks like the Spider-Man 2099 costume, since that's what it was based upon.

2-8-99: The new Spider-Man cartoon, called Spider-Man Unlimited, was officially announced today by FOX. Here's the press release:

The new Spider-Man show, called Spider-Man Unlimited, is also being produced at Saban with 13 episodes planned. Michael Reaves, whose credits include Gargoyles and Batman, will be the story editor. Will Meugniot, whose credits include X-Men and most recently Fox's The Secret Files of the SpyDogs, will be the producer.

Here's how Fox describes Spider-Man Unlimited:

"Spider-Man Unlimited introduces all-new episodes of everyone's favorite wall-crawler stranded in a bizarre world where familiar things are never quite as they seem. In a highly stylized New York City, Peter Parker must find a way to blend in while Spider-Man accepts a level of responsibility he has never encountered. Spider-Man faces an array of villains with incredible powers, some who bear an eerie resemblance to his classic foes. Although Peter's friends and family exist in this world, history has created different circumstances from those at home."

I'll either set up a brand new page for it, or just continue it onto this one. An Avengers cartoon was also announced, and I'm currently formating my Avengers page. It will be up soon.

1-31-99: Today is the anniversary of the day the show ended (when Spider-Wars aired). In honor of that, I've put up all new pictures from the Spider-Wars arc in the Season 5 section. Enjoy.

1-17-99: Expect a major update to the page really soon.

12-4-98: Pics of the Voice Actors section updated. I put up a whole gallery of recent pictures of Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Doctor Octopus).

11-28-98: New Poll of the Month up, this time entitled, "What is your favorite episode of Spider-Man?" The winner of the previous poll, regarding favorite allies, was the the Black Cat.

11-27-98: Two things today. The first is that I've begun making brand new pictures from the episodes. Currently, I have pictures from "The Hobgoblin" part 1 and "Day of the Chameleon" up. Go to the season 1 episode guide to view them. Second, the Pics of the Voice Actors section updated, including a picture of Eddie Albert Jr. (Daredevil) that I took.

11-7-98: I changed the Ally and Villain pages. I reuploaded all of the pictures so they look a lot clearer, plus I changed a few.

In other news, here's the Fox Trot comic strip that appeared on the 14th of October:

11-1-98: Weird Spidey Pictures section updated.

10-30-98: Ally and Villain pages updated, with brand new pictures made by me.

10-12-98: Pics of the Characters updated, with lots of pics I made myself. Also, a new section called Interviews and Articles was put up.

10-3-98: New Poll of the Month put up, this time on Spider-Man's allies.

9-26-98: I can't believe it. After more than a year, YAHOO! has finally listed this page. I really just can't believe it.....Oh, and Ask Robbie was updated also with a new question.

9-12-98 (again): Ask DRG4 is gone, and in it's place is Ask Robbie. Enjoy.

9-12-98: Two things today. Number one, I got rid of the old MB and put up a brand new one. CLICK HERE to go to it. Number two, it seems I was wrong about the Richard Moll and Martin Landau movie. While Martin Landau is in it, Richard Moll is not. I confused him with an actress named Gretchen Mol (I heard the plug on the radio, so that explains my mix-up).

9-6-98: Seasons At Glance put up, as well as Suggestion Box.

9-5-98 (again): Postcard section put up.

9-5-98: Pics of the Spidey Voice Actors is put up. If any of you have pictures of any of the actors that I don't have up, or if you have better pictures of already exisiting actors, please send them to me. You'll be given credit.

8-31-98: Schedule section put up

8-30-98: I put the Poll of the Month up. This week's question is, "Who is your favorite Spidey villain?"

8-29-98: Episode List is put up, and also Did You Know? was updated.

8-22-98: Listen to the Spidey Theme is put up.

8-21-98: No real updates to the page, but I just heard something funny. Some movie is coming out soon, I don't remember the title, and the funny thing is that Martin Landau and Richard Moll (the 2 voices of Scorpion) are staring in it. I find that really weird.

8-16-98: The Spider-Man Interactive Adventure Game has arrived!

8-15-98: Here's some news involving the show you might like. The show is going to be on the FOX Family Channel Sunday mornings at 9:30.

8-11-98: The Spider-Man Interactive Adventure Game is coming soon. Stay tuned....

8-9-98: Mailing List set up (see below)

8-9-98: Did You Know....? is put up

8-8-98: Links page is put up

8-6-98: Spider-Man Allies page added

8-5-98: Spider-Man Villains page added

8-4-98: Frames are added to the page

8-4-98: This latest news page is put up

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