The Cast and Crew of Spider-Man Talks

It's not hard to find interviews with the people who bring cartoons to life nowadays, mainly due to the advent of DVD extras. Unfortunately, SPIDER-MAN is one of those shows where interviews are scarce. However, I finally managed to find a tape that I recorded a number of years ago that featured interviews with some of the cast and crew. Below you'll find encoded videos of these interviews. The voice-actors were interviewed at Screenmusic Studios while on break from recording an episode (probably from the third or fourth season), and John Semper was interviewed in his office at New World Entertainment/Marvel Films.

Click on the pictures to see the videos (you'll probably need to SAVE TARGET AS). You'll need REALPLAYER to watch them.

Special thanks to ShdwRlm3 of WARIO COMPANY for hosting the video clips. Be sure to check out his site.


Christopher Daniel Barnes, Voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Christopher Daniel Barnes reflects on Spider-Man's appeal.

Edward Asner, Voice of J. Jonah Jameson

Edward Asner talks about J. Jonah Jameson. WARNING: foul language!

Christopher Daniel Barnes, Voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man # 2

Christopher Daniel Barnes reflects some more on Spider-Man's appeal.

John Semper, Writer/Producer of "Spider-Man"

John Semper talks about how he perceives the show.

Christopher Daniel Barnes, Voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man # 3

Christopher Daniel Barnes talks about Spider-Man comic books

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