Exclusive Interviews, Articles, & Pictures

  Spider-Man Strikes Back  

This is a long, three-part article featuring extended interviews with John Semper and Stan Lee. There are also many exclusive pictures and the reason for why the Kingpin was used so much on the show.

  Backstage at the Spider-Man animated series  

This article goes into the production of the show. Features many exclusive pictures of the crew and model sheet images.

  Interview with Neil Ross  

Neil Ross provided the voices of Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin. Read about the audition process and his reflections on working on the show. From November 2004.

Interview With John Semper

John Semper actually worked on the Spider-Man cartoon. He was the producer, story editor, and head writer. Read what he has to say about his former job. From July 1999.

Betty Brant: Model Sheet Image/Information

Betty Brant was supposed to be on the show, but she never made it.  An official model sheet was even created, which you can see here for the first time on the Internet.

  VIDEO CLIPS: The Cast & Crew of "Spider-Man" Talks 

Christopher Daniel Barnes, Ed Asner, and John Semper talk about various aspects related to "Spider-Man." These are the only known video interviews with them, so watch them while you can.

Spider-Man Swings On

John Semper talks about the third season of the show. Features the model sheet images of Dr. Strange, Carnage, and Daredevil.

The Man Behind the Web: Just Who Is Spider-Man?

Christopher Daniel Barnes, Supervising Producer Bob Richardson, and other talk about the show.

Cast Musings from a Starlog Magazine Special

Christopher Daniel Barnes, Saratoga Ballentine (voice of Mary Jane Watson), and Joan B. Lee (voice of Madame Web) talk about Spider-Man and their characters. From 2002.

Spider-Man: A New Spin

A behind-the-scenes glimpse at the makings of the show and what it takes to keep it going. This article also features the official reason for all of those reused scenes, as well as lots of great pictures.

Spider-Man: An Animated Update

A very LONG article about the making of the show. Features pictures of the voice-cast recording their lines.

Next Spider-Season Should Be Spectacular

John Semper talks about the fifth season, including how he came up with the idea for "Six Forgotten Warriors."

John Semper Talks About Producing the Show

John Semper talks about the perils of producing the show. VERY LONG.

Behind the Scenes, Part 1

Part 1 of a Behind the Scenes article.

Behind the Scenes, Part 2

Part 2 of a Behind the Scenes article.

A Profile of Peter Parker

John Semper's official comments on the various aspects of Peter Parker.

Chef Boyardee Pasta Commercial

Spider-Man appeared in an animated commercial for Chef Boyardee. Check out the pictures.

Spider-Man 1995 Emmy Ad

Here's an Emmy ad from 1995 featuring "Day of the Chameleon."

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