The Crew of Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The following images are of various members of the Spider-Man crew that I have pictures of. If you are one of these people and want to talk about the show, please feel free to E-MAIL ME

Dennis Venizelos (Art Director), John Semper (Producer/Story Editor), Stan Lee (Executive Producer/Creator), Bob Richardson (Supervising Producer)

Jason So, Storyboard Artist

Allyn Conley, Color Key Artist

Jim McLean, Storyboard Artist

Del Barras, Storyboard Artist

Hank Tucker, Storyboard Supervisor

Wayne Schulz, Production Design

Larry Kim, Background Design Artist

John Cawley, Studio Production Manger (Marvel Films)

Virginia Roth, Script Coordinator

Danny Fingeroth, Spider-Man comics group editor

Avi Arad, Executive Producer of Spider-Man

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