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Spider-Man: TAS Deleted Scenes

Current reruns on ABC Family and Toon Disney have edited various episodes for content. This page features the original, uncut scenes that are currently on the cutting room floor. Right-click on each picture and select SAVE TARGET AS to download the deleted/altered scene. You'll need REALPLAYER to view them. If you're aware of some deleted scenes that aren't on here, E-MAIL ME and I'll get them up.

Special thanks to ShdwRlm3 of WARIO COMPANY for hosting the video clips. Be sure to check out his site.


Night of the Lizard

At the end of the scene where J. Jonah Jameson tells Peter that he will pay $1,000 for a photo of the Lizard, current reruns cut the final line of the scene when Peter says, "Color or black and white?" It's a very pointless edit and was probably cut for more commercial time. 

Night of the Lizard

The segment of the Lizard's tail hitting his wife and knocking her down has been removed from reruns. 

Dr. Octopus, Armed and Dangerous

When Spider-Man fights Dr. Octopus in the warehouse for the first time, Dr. Octopus thrusts one of his tentacles towards Spider-Man's chest and knocks him back with such force that it makes a dent in the crates. Toon Disney cuts this segment out and just goes to the subsequent close-up of Dr. Octopus. You can spot the scene the next time it airs since the crates are suddenly dented without explanation.

Day of the Chameleon

The opening of this episode features images of the World Trade Center and a helicopter crashing into a building. It's understandable why this scene has been edited in current reruns. The crash has been removed as well as the shot of the Twin Towers. 

Enter the Punisher

Near the end of the episode, the Punisher fires a missile at Spider-Man, causing him to fall into the roof of a warehouse building and onto the floor (where he eventually changes into Man-Spider). Current reruns have removed Spider-Man's fall through the roof. Strangely enough, a quick glimpse of the fall remains in the recap for "Duel of the Hunters."

Duel of the Hunters

The end of this episode features Kraven the Hunter telling the Punisher how he found him and the Man-Spider. It turns out that they were in the World Trade Center's parking garage, and Kraven mentions that he smelled the explosion from years ago. Current reruns cut out the entire exchange from the Punisher's line "It isn't."

Enter the Green Goblin

After Spider-Man first encounters the Green Goblin, the Goblin disengages from his bigger glider and flies off with Jameson. Spider-Man stays with the bigger glider and winds up crashing through a building. The entire crashing scene has been cut. Oddly enough, this edit was done before 9-11. Moreover, this scene is not on the "Spider-Man: Ultimate Villain Showdown" DVD.

The Wedding

This episode originally aired only a matter of weeks after Princess Diana's tragic car crash. However, they left in Jameson's reference to throwing Peter a wedding that'll blow Princess Diana's wedding away (although they hastily added a negative reaction shot from Peter). Current reruns mute his entire line, so it just looks really awkward.

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