DRG4's Spider-Man: TAS Season 5 Episode Guide

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The Wedding
(Episode 53)

The Green Goblin crashes the wedding.

Six Forgotten Warriors
(Episode 54)

The Insidious Six returns.

Unclaimed Legacy
(Episode 55)

Silver Sable joins the battle.

Secrets of the Six
(Episode 56)

The heroes regroup.

The Six Fight Again
(Episode 57)

Captain America returns.

The Price of Heroism
(Episode 58)

Electro runs rampant.

Return of Hydro-Man, Part 1
(Episode 59)

Hydro-Man returns.

Return of Hydro-Man, Part 2
(Episode 60)

Mary Jane fades away. Seriously.

(Episode 61)

Spider-Man chooses the heroes.

The Gauntlet of Red Skull
(Episode 62)

Attack on the Red Skull.

(Episode 63)

The heroes versus Dr. Doom.

I Really, Really Hate Clones
(Episode 64)

Spider-Man meets the Spider-Men.

Farwell, Spider-Man
(Episode 65)

The last episode (for now).

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