The Gauntlet of Red Skull
(Secret Wars, Part 2; Episode 62)

Written by Virginia Roth
Originally Broadcast on November 14, 1997

Spidey summons the Black Cat from earth, using a machine that he, Iron Man, and Lizard were able to hotwire. She is really angry at being kidnapped since she, Morbius, and Blade nearly had Miriam captured. Despite her anger at being kidnapped, she decides to help him fight the villains on the alien planet. The heroes newest mission is to go to the Red Skull's territory and help the local colonists to defeat him. They have 12 hours to stop the Red Skull or else they will attack him themselves. The strike force for the team is Spidey, Black Cat, Captain America, Lizard, and Iron Man. They start truding across the desert to the Skull's stronghold, since the hovercraft they started with blew out due to the harsh electrical storms. Along the way, Spidey notices that Black Cat and Cap are starting to get close. Black Cat tells Cap her origin and how its his fault that she became the Black Cat (see the season 4 episodes, The Cat and Black Cat). The team is presented some obstacles, but are able to overtake them. Eventually though, Iron Man's suit gives out on him since he had to fly (the electrical strom knocked out the suit's power). The Lizard tells Spidey that it'll take a long time to fix him up, but Spidey says they only have 30 minutes to an hour to spare. Finally, Iron Man's suit is back online and the heroes continue onward. Elsewhere, Red Skull is speaking with his newest lackey, Smythe. He then introduces Smythe to Doc Ock and says that Ock will be working with them. Smythe hears Ock say how he will kill the Skull, and vice versa, and realizes that he doesn't want to stick around much longer...


The Fantastic Four do not appear in this episode, as they are off dealing with Dr. Doom.

Series writer Jim Krieg's then-girlfriend appears as a vampire in the opening scene who gets flipped by Morbius. You can see her in the first picture above.


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