The Price of Heroism
(Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 5; Episode 58)

Written by John Semper
Originally Broadcast on October 17, 1997

The battle has now made it to the floor of the United Nations, as the Red Skull's Doomsday Weapon is revealed! His son Kragov is turned into the powerful Electro, and threatens to destroy the world if he is not proclaimed the all-mighty ruler! Can the combined might of Spidey and the Six American Warriors stop Electro and his battle robots?


Two scenes in this episode air in the wrong order. Spider-Man and Captain America discovering Electro and Red Skull airs after a scene of the four of them fighting. You would think it was corrected after the original airing, but it never was, so look out for it the next time you see this episode.

Electro was previously not allowed to appear on the show due to James Cameron's "Spider-Man" movie that was in development at the time. Both Electro and the Sandman were the villains, so the writers weren't allowed to use them on the show. Eventually, Cameron's movie fell apart and the restriction was lifted.


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