The Wedding
(Episode 53)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by John Semper and Meg McLaughlin
Originally Broadcast on September 12, 1997

Peter and MJ are ready to tie the knot, but not if Harry Osborn gets his way. But their plans are interrupted when The Scorpion arrives, while Peter and Aunt May are at the bank, and kidnaps Aunt May. Spidey gives chase and gets Aunt May back, but wonders if the fates are trying to tell him something. As an added bonus, Wilson Fisk is paying for the wedding, since Peter saved his life in season 1. Then when the big day arrives -- the wedding of Peter and Mary Jane -- the Green Goblin shows up right in the middle of the ceremony, and grabs Mary Jane, forcing the priest to marry him to MJ or he'll blow the church up! With a little help from Black Cat and the Mega-Slayer (controlled by Kingpin), Spidey gets in and stops the Goblin, but Liz Allen is the hero as she convinces Harry to stop and return to Ravencroft for his treatment, so then can be together. Guest starring Black Cat, Robot Goblin Warriors made by Smythe, Smythe, the Mega Slayer, Landon, Kingpin, and a real shocker: Norman Osborn (even though he's still stuck in limbo)! With such guests like: Flash Thompson, Aunt May, Anna Watson, and Robbie Robertson, it'll certainly be a day to remember.


The new episodes begin premiering on Friday afternoons instead of Saturday morning starting with this episode.

Maxwell Caulfield provides the voice of the priest at the wedding.

Early rumors had indicated that this episode was actually going to be the series finale, but that didn't pan out.


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