Six Forgotten Warriors
(Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 1; Episode 54)

Written by John Semper
Originally Broadcast on September 19, 1997

In the beginning, Silver Sable and her Wildpack kidnap an elderly doctor, going by the name of (Doctor) Groitzick. Later, Keene Marlo, an old friend of May and Ben Parker, who carries with him a secret, is ordered by SHIELD to talk her out of selling her house. When Peter stumbles on his parents' old pasports in the attic, she freaks for some reason. Seeking answers, Spidey follows Marlo back to SHIELD, where it is soon under attack by the Insidious Six, with the Vulture replacing Mysterio. Although Spider-Man succeeded cleaning house with Nick Fury, the six escaped with information about some weapon for the Kingpin. May Parker later told Peter that his parents were secret agents for the US Government who went to Russia to prevent the unleashing of a new war weapon. However, they later revealed themselves to be double agents and were killed in a plane crash. Seeking to clear his parents names, Peter went with Robbie Robertson to Russia. Later, Peter (as Spider-Man) follows Robbie around Russia to see him meet up with an informant. During their talk, Silver Sable and the Wildpack arrive, gas the place, and kidnap the informant. The episode ends with Spidey and Robbie trapped in a building with a bomb about to go off.


This five episode arc was planned way in advance. For example, Richard Fisk mentioned that the Chameleon told him about Peter Parker's parents treachery back in the FRAMED episode in Season 3.

This is the first appearance of The Rhino since season two's  INSIDIOUS SIX two-parter.


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