Farewell, Spider-Man
(Spider-Wars, Part 2; Episode 65)

Written by John Semper
Originally Broadcast on January 31, 1998

Spider-Carnage does not destroy the current world, but he escapes via the Accelerator. Madam Web brings back Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider to her base and informs the Spider-Men that Spider-Carnage is now in a different dimension. She says she can only send one of them there, and the real Spider-Man says he will go. It seems this time, Spidey winds up in the billionaire Peter Parker's world. It seems in this dimension, the Spidey is engaged to Gwen Stacy, Jonah Jameson is his godfather, Wilson Fisk is his lawyer, and Uncle Ben is still alive. Not to mention the fact that he owns the Peter Parker Science Foundation and his identity is public. Moments later, Spider-Carnage kidnapps Gwen and Armor-Spidey tells the boys that he has asecret weapon since Spider-Carnage is obviously too insane to be reasoned with by him or any of the Spideys. The weapon turns out to be Uncle Ben, since Spider-Carnage lost his Uncle Ben, similar to the way the real Spidey did. Uncle Ben tells Spider-Carnage the rule of power and responsibility, which convinces him to try his hardest to seperate from the Carnage symbiote, but it does no good. So, Spider-Carnage does the only thing he can. He used the TDA to create a disintegration portal and kills himself. Then, the powerless Spidey, from the real world, like the one you and me live in, takes Spidey to see a very special man, which is Stan Lee. The real Peter thanks him for creating him and when Stan sees Madam Web, he says "Who is that exotic woman?" The series ends with Madame Web promsing Spidey that they will find the real Mary Jane Watson. End of story. For now.


This episode (and its conclusion) aired on Saturday, January 31, 1998 as a one-hour special.

At the time this episode was in production, the producers believed that they would be coming back for another season or two. Therefore, they left the ending open so they could deal with the search for Mary Jane in the next season. However, FOX decided to cancel the show since they wanted their future animation projects to only be done with SABAN Animation. Consequently, Marvel Films was shut down, and it was way too late to alter the ending of this episode so it wouldn't end without Peter finding Mary Jane. See my INTERVIEW WITH JOHN SEMPER for what would have happened if the show continued, including how Mary Jane was going to be found.

The Uncle Ben scene was recently adapted in the comics in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 500.

Stan Lee's real-life wife Joan B. Lee provides the voice of Madame Web, so his comment at the end about her being an "exotic woman" is an in-joke.

Stan Lee is on the phone talking about creating the Incredible Hulk with Jack Kirby before Spider-Man arrives.


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