Unclaimed Legacy
(Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 2; Episode 55)

Written by John Semper
Originally Broadcast on September 26, 1997

Still in Russia, Peter discovers that searching for clues to his family past isn't easy. He and Robbie meet up with Dr. Groitzick's daughter who presents them with evidence that Peter's parents were not traitors. Unfortunately, the Chameleon masquarades as Dr. Grotizick's daughter's husband, so he steals the evidence and flees. Spidey catches up to him, but is surprised by the Insidious Six. They defeat him and he is taken to the Kingpin's Russian base. Shackled and helpless, Spidey watches and listens as Kingpin relates to him the Doomsday plot, which was first began by the Red Skull almost 40 years ago. Moments later, right before Kingpin is to unmask Spider-Man, Silver Sable and the Wildpack arrive, and quickly take out the Six, Spidey, and Kingpin. Spidey wakes up in unfamiliar territory, and finds himself shackled yet again with the Insidious Six and the Kingpin. Sable tells Kingpin that one of her men is a traitor and told her where his base was.


Although this episode seems to end on a positive note, there are three parts to go.


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