Cast Musings from a Starlog Magazine Special

Christopher Daniel Barnes (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)

"I kept Peter Parker a nice, sweet guy. He would be really cool, except he has all this pressure and responsibility. He's not a geek, but he's just so pressured saving the world that people don't understand him. I played it very straight and very real -- those are the qualities of Spidey; he wrestles with himself over his demons and responsibility. A high point for me in playing him was actually getting to say 'With great power comes great responsibility!'"

Saratoga Ballantine (Mary Jane Watson)

"What makes Mary Jane tremendous is that nothing gets her down. She's fun. On the show, I got sent to Limbo, kissed the Chameleon and even got to marry Spider-Man! Guys love the fact that I was Mary Jane. I found that her catch phrase, 'Face it, tiger -- you just hit the jackpot!' makes a great opening line -- or closing one!"

Joan Lee (Stan Lee's wife, voice of Madame Web)

"When I first saw Spider-Man, I thought he was a marvelous character. The greatest thing about him is that because his face is completely covered, every child can identify with him. I also really like Spider-Man because he's a great deal of Stan. Stan is very moral. Like Spider-Man, Stan worries about things. Stan came out of the Depression; he was always concerned if his dad had a job or if his family would have a place to live. Those kinds of things made him very compassionate -- that's where Spider-Man gets it!"

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