Behind The Scenes Quotes

"As if Doc Ock, Venom, and Vulture weren't enough to worry about, now I've got an animated series, too!"

Spider-Man, Star of Spider-Man

"We want to blow open the animated tube's conventional image boundaries, propelling our hero and audience above the dizzying New York skyline and into the third dimension through new, computer-generated special effects."

Spider-Man Supervising Producer Bob Richardson and Art Director Dennis Venizelos

"Spider-Man has never stopped being revolutionary in comics.  This should be animation that's more exciting and dynamic than anybody's ever done before.  This should be Spider-Man for the 21st century."

Danny Fingeroth, Spider-Man comics group editor

"Like the X-Men animated series, Spider-Man will run on FOX. Unlike the X-Men, Spider-Man has other it's a challenge getting all the places right.  The animators want the Wall-crawler swinging across a city-scape that's as authentic and alive as the New York found in a Martin Scorsese film.  Just watch out for the vertigo!"

Spider-Man Supervising Producer Bob Richardson

"Who do these producers think they are, revealing my secret identity to the whole world?!  Well, long as it's just between me and a few million close personal friends."

Spider-Man, Star of Spider-Man

"Although Spider-Man will maintain his legendary quick wit in this treatment, the primary emphasis will be on serious minded drama."

John Semper, Spider-Man Producer and Story Editor

"We're trying to take as many qualities as possible from the Spider-Man books and put them in the show.  That, of course, includes the angst, the humor...everything that we might do here is in the comic book itself."

Stan Lee, Creator of Spider-Man

"Peter Parker has always been kind of an introspective, angst-ridden character, and we're definitely going to delve into that."

John Semper, Spider-Man Producer and Story Editor

"Says here the show begins this fall.  I'm not sure I like the sound of 'fall' from this height."

Spider-Man, Star of Spider-Man

"This is really the first time that we have total control over a show...of the stories...the the visuals."

Stan Lee, Producer and Creator of Spider-Man

"For lack of a better term, we're going to be doing a little bit of a soap opera.  When Spider-Man gets up into the sky and he's fighting these super villains, he's not doing anything that any other hero hasn't already done.  What makes it unique is that he also brings with him the problems created down below when he was plain old Peter Parker.  All of those romances, all of those disappointsments and frustrations, are what make his battles up above interesting."

John Semper, Spider-Man Producer and Story Editor

"I was going to ask the show's producers to write Jonah Jameson out of the series, but then I remembered...Hey! This guy signs my checks!"

Spider-Man, Star of Spider-Man

"We first want to concentrate on defining Spider-Man, his world and his many foes.  The storylines will feature a college-age Peter Parker, and will condense the comic's history so that the character is accessable to everyone, from neophytes to long-time devotees hungry for a bit of nostalgia."

John Semper, Spider-Man Producer and Story Editor

"Properties like Marvel's are such incredible treasures, if you will.  We should control them ourselves."

Avi Arad, Executive Producer of Spider-Man

"Just imagine squaring off against the likes of the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, the Scorpion, the Lizard, Kraven, Mysterio, and the Hobgoblin.  Each of these villains is slated for the web-slinger's television rogues' gallery, with a multi-part adaptation of the classic Stan Lee/Gil Kane Goblin saga already in the works.  And then there's Venom..."

John Semper, Spider-Man Producer and Story Editor

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