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Old Updates

12-8-04: Huge update today in terms of content. The ANIMATED GIFs section has been completely overhauled, and there are now dozens of new GIFs available for you to view. I'll be adding more in future updates. Also, if you like what you see here on the site, make a donation on my Amazon page. Proceeds will go towards acquiring more behind the scenes articles, increased multimedia files, and lots more exciting content.

11-22-04: The Lawrence Bayne interview is still in progress, so I've got something else to update with. I've made some WINDOWS icons from the show. This first pack features Wolverine, Beast, Evil Morph, Mr. Sinister, Gambit, and Rogue. Now, these look fine on my computer system but I don't know how they'll work on any of yours, so PLEASE E-MAIL ME (or post on the message board or guestbook) saying how they look on your computer. I'm planning on making some more, but I need to know that this format works before I continue. And for those of you who don't know how to use icons, what you do is right-click the folder or file that you want to change the icon of, click PROPERTIES, and then click CHANGE ICON. Then all you have to do is navigate to where the icons are on your system. So, click on the picture below to download the first icon pack. Remember, I need feedback so I can create more.

11-6-04: I've revamped the frame and the episode guide pages, so check out the new designs. Thanks to Jim Harvey for the suggestions. Expect some more redesigns in the future. Also, I'm still accepting questions for Lawrence Bayne, so E-MAIL ME and I'll consider asking your questions.

11-3-04: VERY IMPORTANT update today. Lawrence Bayne, the voice of Cable, Erik the Red, and others, has agreed to an interview about the show. If you have any questions for him, E-MAIL ME and I'll consider asking them in the interview. Try to send me your questions in the next few days.  Also, the X-MEN QUICKIES section has been tweaked with a few new pictures and some identifications. Thanks to the people who e-mailed with the IDs.

9-11-04: The X-MEN QUICKIES section has been redesigned. I replaced all of the old versions of the pictures with newer/bigger higher quality versions. Also, I've added a bunch of new cameos, some of which I had never even noticed until recently (did anyone know that the Scarlet Spider made a cameo on the show?), so check them out.

One scheduling notice is that the show will soon begin airing on the TOON DISNEY channel (on September 26 or so), so check your local listings for the exact time and channel. In terms of the more immediate future, the "Spider-Man" two-parter guest-starring the X-Men will be airing on ABC Family tomorrow morning, so check it out.

8-16-04: There's a HUGE UPDATE today. First off all, there's a brand-new section on the site called EXCLUSIVE PILOT DIFFERENCES. When "Night of the Sentinels" first aired, there were many animation problems that were fixed on subsequent airings. Check out the page for info (including pictures and video) of all of the differences, which include DELETED SCENES.

Second, I've added lots of exclusive behind-the-scenes info to some of the episode pages. Check out the NO MUTANT IS AN ISLAND and WEAPON X, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE pages for some insider info.

Finally, I've encoded a promo from when the show was originally airing on FOX KIDS. Right click the picture below and select SAVE TARGET AS to download it properly. It's a RealPlayer file, so you'll need a version of RealPlayer to watch it.


8-12-04: The BEHIND THE SCENES section has been redesigned, and there are now FIVE articles up about the makings of the show, featuring lots of exclusive info and pictures. Thanks to Josh for bringing the one about "The Phoenix Saga" to my attention. I've also put up a new section called THE CREW, which features info on the people who helped bring the show to life, so check it out.

7-30-04: I've put up an Amazon.com Donation Page so you can donate to the site (it's in the frame and on this page). If you want to see more content (such as those ANIMATED GIFs or even multimedia stuff), or if you just want to express your gratitude for what's already on here, CLICK HERE to donate. Thanks in advance.

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7-28-04: New petition banner put on the top of the main page.

5-29-04: All of the screen captures from the episodes are back up on the episode pages, so each episode page now has a bunch of pictures to go with it. Also, does anyone out there have a copy of Wizard Magazine # 68? I need an article that's in there about the Spider-Man cartoon. If you have it, please e-mail me ASAP. I can offer up some X-Men season 1 and 2 tapes as thanks.

5-26-04: Does anyone out there have a copy of Wizard Magazine # 68? I need an article that's in there about the Spider-Man cartoon. If you have it, please e-mail me ASAP. I can offer up some season 1 and 2 tapes as thanks.

3-26-04: The  "Meet the Team" section has been updated with new info in some of the profiles. Thanks go to Iceman05.

3-12-04: The "Episode Guide" pages have finally been turned back to the old format. Each episode now has its own separate page with pictures, summaries, and notes. Post your thoughts about the format in the message board. The next step is restoring all of the extra pictures from the episodes that I have.

3-8-04: There's a big update today. There are a bunch of new animated GIFs in the "Animated GIFs." Also, I added a new quickie to page 3 of the "X-Men Quickies" page, a Captain America quickie from the "Red Dawn" episode. Post your thoughts on the updates in the message board.

3-6-04: I updated the frame to a new format. Let me know what you think.

2-23-04: I don't have anything in the way of X-Men for today's update (although I have been working on a few things), but I do have a request. A number of years ago, I made some games for the DOS-based ZZT program. I wrote them as DRG4@aol.com, and they included a few "Sonic the Hedgehog" games. One of them was called "Sonic and Knuckles," and there were three others that followed all having to do with "Sonic the Hedgehog." Anyway, I've been trying to locate them for a while now, but I can't seem to locate my backup files anywhere. If you or anyone you know has them (or might know where I can find them), please E-MAIL ME. Thanks.

7-23-03: There's a new section on the site today, "Animated GIFs." They're the two animated GIFs I made a few years ago of Morph. Let me know what you think about them.

7-12-03: There's another brand new section on the site today. It's called "Meet the Team." It features model sheet pictures and profiles on the core team members. I colored the model sheet pictures myself, so you can blame me if you don't like how they look (although I think they look fine).

7-6-03: I've updated the "X-Men Quickies" section with a bunch of new quickies and some old ones that used to be on the site. Let me know what you think.

7-1-03: There’s another brand new section here on the site. It’s called “X-Men: The Final Episodes.” It’s an article that I hand-typed from an old issue of Wizard about the end of the show. And for your information, I colored the model sheets in the article myself (since they were originally in black & white). You can access the new section from the frame at left. Let me know what you think about it. Also, there's a brand-new message board. Check it out.

6-27-03: There’s a brand new section here on the site. It’s called “Behind the Scenes.” It’s an article that I hand-typed from the early years of the show that has such inside information as the creation of Morph. Check it out and let me know what you think about it. Also, I’ve increased the size of the episode pictures to a much bigger format.

6-22-03: I've updated the "Featured Item of the Week" with a great X-Men encyclopedia book. I also fixed the opening picture. I re-colored it so it blended with the background more. And finally, here’s a link that you should check out:  The Voice Behind the Characters. It has lots of info on some of the X-Men voice actors (the majority of which were first identified to the public by me on 12-28-00) and features lots of my pictures.   

Old Updates

6-12-03: I've updated the "Buy X-Men Stuff" section with lots of video games and books. I've also changed the "Featured Item of the Week" above. Let me know what you think.

6-6-03: There's finally a big update. I've added a "Buy X-Men Stuff" section where you can buy lots of different X-Men things. Right now, there's only various VHS tapes and DVDs, but I'll be adding different things as time goes on.  If I make enough money doing this, I'll be able to increase my webspace so I can put all of the episode pictures back up, as well as possibly put up some video clips (NOT full episodes).

3-25-03: There's finally an update. I'm working on a few things to coincide with the release of the movie sequel in a few months, so I'll let you know once they're done.

8-27-02: Well, there's lots of important news today. First of all, I've fixed the picture problem. Every episode has at least one picture from that episode to go along with its summary. Second of all, I do NOT have video clips on this site anymore. I don't have any webspace to put them, so please don't e-mail me asking for video clips.

11-25-01: Here's a great, updated X-Men: Evolution site you can go to:

8-9-01: There's finally a BIG IMPORTANT UPDATE. All of the pictures in the X-Men Episode Guide and X-Men Quickies sections have been fixed.  I also revamped the episode pages so that the text and pictures are much bigger. Let me know what you think about the brand new format.

1-27-01: Well, as of yesterday, FOX ended its six month run of X-Men. Apparently, the reason was due to sagging  ratings. I've been getting a lot of e-mails from people wanting to get copies of episodes that they missed, since FOX did air each episode at least once.

12-28-00: No big news today, but this is still an important update. The X-Men Cast List has been completely updated and reformated. I recently found an old magazine from 1993 that did a big feature on X-Men, and it includes a cast list from the first two seasons of the show (among lots of other things like storyboards and model sheets). Go to the page to see all of those confirmed voice actors. Most of my original guesses were correct, but a few of them were not.

12-18-00: There's a brand new section today. It's called the "X-Men Allies Page." Like the villain page, it gives you info on all of the allies who appeared on the show.  It tells you what their real names are, what episodes they appeared in, and who provided their voice. Let me know what you think.

10-20-00: I made some revisions to the X-Men Villains Page, correcting a few minor details.

10-01-00: There's a BRAND NEW section today. It's called the "X-Men Villains Page." Basically, its an informational page on all of the villains who appeared on the show. It tells you what their real names are, what episodes they appeared in, and who provided their voice. Let me know what you think.

9-29-00: I updated the Cast List with an entry that is 100% accurate. Thanks go to Barry Flatman for taking the time out of his busy schedule to provide the info.

8-22-00: Here's the CORRECT schedule for this week:

Monday: Phalanx, Part One

Tuesday: Phalanx, Part Two

Wednesday: Storm Front, Part One

Thursday: Storm Front, Part Two

8-19-00: The schedule for next week has been released. Keep in mind that FOX has moved X-Men's time slot, so check your local listings to see what time it'll be on.

Monday: Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas

Tuesday: The Lotus and the Steel

Wednesday: Love In Vain

Thursday: Secrets Not Long Buried

8-14-00: The X-Men schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday: Beyond Good and Evil Part 1: The End of Time

Tuesday: Beyond Good and Evil Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse

Wednesday: Beyond Good and Evil Part 3: The Lazarus Chamber

Thursday: Beyond Good and Evil Part 4: End and Beginning

8-5-00: The schedule for the coming week's X-Men reruns has been released on FOX KIDS. And, thanks to some people who've e-mailed me, I've discovered the reason to FOX's bizarre schedule. FOX KIDS is ONLY showing episodes that focus on characters from the movie. So, episodes focusing on people like Beast, Juggernaut, Morph, Apocalypse, and even Mr. Sinister won't be shown. Now that that's been figured out, here's the schedule:

Monday: Dark Phoenix Saga, Part II: Inner Circle

Tuesday: Dark Phoenix Saga, Part III: Dark Phoenix

Wednesday: Dark Phoenix Saga, Part IV: The Fate of Phoenix

Thursday: Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape

7-29-00: Well, FOX KIDS has released the X-Men cartoon schedule for the coming week and it isn't promising. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: A Rogue's Tale

Tuesday: Out of the Past, Part I

Wednesday: Out of the Past, Part II

Thursday: Dark Phoenix Saga, Part I: Dazzled

7-24-00:  There's great news today. I've just come in contact with Dan Veesenmeyer, X-Men's lead storyboard artist from season two through the end of the series. He's graciously aggreed to answer some questions about the show, so stay tuned for those. Also, there's some more FOX KIDS showing X-Men news. Contrary to popular belief, they ARE actually editing the episodes in order to make room for more commercials. In my opinion, if FOX isn't going to show them in order AND in their original form, they shouldn't bother showing the episodes at all.

7-22-00:  There's a correction to make from yesterday. The FOX KIDS schedule for next week has been released, and it seems that they WILL be skipping around. The schedule for next week from Monday through Thursday is as follows: Captive Hearts, Cold Vengeance, The Cure, and The Final Decision.

7-21-00:  As I said last week, X-Men:TAS is back on FOX KIDS, running Mondays through Thursdays. The good news is that they've been showing the episodes in order, starting with Night of the Sentinels. This means that for next week, they'll get through Captive Hearts, Cold Vengeance, Slave Island, and The Cure.

7-14-00:  I've updated the "Interviews and Articles" section with a brand new, recent interview done with Eric Lewald, the show's story editor. The X-Men movie came out today. My advice: go see it NOW.

7-9-00:  They're two new things today. First of all, I've revamped the titles for each section of the site (episode guide pages, cast list, etc.) by adding customized banner graphics. Let me know what you think. ALSO, WWWF Grudge Match is featuring a battle of the X-Men vs. the Superfriends, with the winner being decided by votes from Internet viewers. Viewer responses are welcome, and the match runs for two weeks. Let's see if we can help the X-Men win.

7-5-00:  I've COMPLETELY REVAMPED the whole episode guide. I've made the font clearer and all the pictures bigger on every single episode's page. Let me know what you think of the new format.

7-4-00:  There's some actual X-Men: TAS news today. It's been announced that FOX KIDS will start airing some episodes starting July 17th. They're set to air at 3:30 ET Mondays through Thursday through the end of August. I don't see the rationale in this, since if FOX follows the episode order, they'll only wind up showing the first two seasons. Oh well.

6-21-00: Nothing website-wise new today, but there is something new in the form of related X-Men movie news. I just found out that George Buza, the voice of Beast, has a cameo in the movie. He's apparently lying on a table somewhere in the mansion. They were able to get him since they filmed most of the movie in Toronto, which is where he lives.

6-15-00: Only a minor update today. I added a new entry to the Cast List that I know has to be 100% accurate.

11-6-99: The cast list has been updated again, thanks mainly to the new Avengers cartoon. Hopefully, I'll be able to make more IDs, since the Avengers voice pool is the just about the same as X-Men's.

10-24-99: Just a news flash today. The new Avengers cartoon will be premiering this Saturday morning (October 30th) on FOX KIDS. Everyone at FOX is hoping for it to become the "next X-Men," but I seriously doubt that could happen. But anyway, the reason I'm telling this to you guys is because if the show gets renewed for a second season, there is supposed to be a two part X-Men appearance. Even though Avengers is set 25 years in the future, they have the same general Canadian voice cast, so the same characters could always pop up. After all, two of the regular Avengers cast members used to have regular jobs on X-Men (Lenore Zann is Tigra, and she was Rogue; Tony Daniels is Hawkeye, and he was the second Gambit). We'll have to wait and see.

9-17-99: Updated the cast list today. There are lots of new entries, many of which are thanks to Al. And remember, if you're looking for any X-Men episodes to finish off your collection, besides the ones in the Videos section, e-mail me and I'll refer you to some guys who can help.

9-4-99: I'm back with updates, but today there's only some bad news. It seems that the UPN Kids Action Zone, the two hour block that is the only place to see X-Men every week, has been cancelled. Starting next Sunday, its going to be replaced by Disney shows, like Hercules and Recess. What's even worse is that UPN isn't showing Graduation Day tomorrow morning. Instead, they're airing X-Ternally Yours, which they skipped over a long time ago. If you've been taping X-Men episodes off UPN and want to finish your collection, e-mail me and I'll refer you to some guys who can finish the gaps (mainly season 5, but various episodes from each season).

7-28-99: The BIG update is finally here. The following is what I've done:

1) The season 5 episode guide is finally done. There are now pictures from all 14 or so episodes. Consequently, that means that there are now pictures from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 76 EPISODES

2) Also, there's a new section I've added. It's called "X-Men Animated GIFs." It has a few GIF files I made from the show. There aren't many yet, but I'll work on it. I'm curious to your thoughts on them.

3) Well, now that all the screen captures are done, I'm taking a break. While this page isn't being updated, I recommend checking out my Fantastic Four and Iron Man pages. My FF page also has a Quickies page, in case that stuff interests you. Plus, both my FF and Iron Man pages have all-new sounds that I've made. You can reach them from the banner at the top of this page.

7-27-99: There's going to be a BIG update tomorrow.

7-25-99: I updated the cast list today with a few more entries. The reason a lot of the people are unidentified is because they never said who voiced which character in the end credits. For a lot of them, I try and match voices from different shows. For example, I found out Mark Strange did Forge because I heard his voice on the Silver Surfer cartoon, where he was credited. I hope that clears it up.

7-22-99: Season 5 is coming in a few more days. I've been trying to catch up on my Fantastic Four and Iron Man pages.

7-11-99: The Season 4 Episode Guide is now completely FINISHED. There are screen captures and summeries from all seventeen episodes. I'll get started on season 5 shortly.

7-10-99: The "X-Men Quickies" page has been updated again, with four or five more entries. Season four should be completely done by tomorrow, so expect another update then.

7-6-99: For some reason, the chat room got deleted a few days ago. But, I got a new one today so the problem is fixed.

7-3-99: No screen capture update today, but there is something else. If you need any X-Men episodes, even if they're on the "Buy X-Men Videos" page,e-mail me and I'll get you in contact with guys I know who can supply them.

6-23-99: The GIGANTIC
update is finally here. I've made seperate pages for every episode through the end of season 3. I did this to reduce the big loading times. Just go to the episode guides and click on the episode you want to see things about. Also, this means that I've added pictures from the following episodes: "Savage Land, Strange Heart 2 parter," "Orphan's End," "Juggernaut Returns," "Nightcrawler," and "Weapon X, Lies, & Videotape."

6-22-99: Only a small update today. I updated the X-Men Quickies section with a picture of the Hulk's appearance. Expect a GIGANTIC update tomorrow.

6-21-99: Screen capture update today. Pictures are up from both parts of "Out of the Past" in the season 3 section, and from "Secrets No Longer Buried" in the season 4 episode guide. Expect DAILY (most of the time) updates until I've finished all the screen captures.

6-12-99: Two updates today. The "Pictures of the Voice Actors" section has been updated, with pictures of Cedric Smith (Xavier), Alyson Court (Jubilee), and lots more. Also, the "Other Appearances" section was updated with a picture of the X-Men's cameo on the Fantastic Four.

5-31-99: Another screen capture update. There are now pictures from the following episodes in the season 2 episode guide: "A Rogue's Tale" and "X-Ternally Yours." That means that the season 2 section is completely FINISHED. I'll finish the season 3 guide very shortly.

5-29-99: Screen capture update today. The season one episode guide is FINISHED, since I've put up pictures from "Deadly Reunions." In the season 3 guide, there are pictures from all four parts of the "Dark Phoenix Saga." Also, the X-Men Quickies section was updated.
In addition, thanks go out to "UncleAgent" for supplying me with a lot of the episodes I needed. I'll be finishing the season 2 section shortly.

5-21-99: Screen captures from "Longshot" in the season 5 episode guide. Also, the cast list was updated. Expect a bigger update shortly.

4-9-99: Enormous update today. Lots of things to get to, so I'll try and make this all concise. The most important news is that a new section has been put up, called "Buy X-Men Videos." There are tons of videos you can buy from the series. Some highlights include every single episode from season 1 and the five part Phoenix Saga. Click on the links provided to get the information on each video (how much it costs and etc.), courtesty of Videoflicks.com.
Second, a ton of new screen captures have been put up. From season 1, pictures from both parts of the "Night of the Sentinels" two parter and "Come the Apocalypse". From season 2, "MojoVision" is now up. From season 5, "No Mutant Is An Island" is up.

3-7-99: The remaining two parts from the "Phoenix Saga" are up in the season 3 episode guide. Also, I've put up a brand new section. It's called "X-Men Quickies." It's all explained on the page, so go check it out.

2-28-99: Three new sets of screen captures are up today, from the first 3 parts of the "Phoenix Saga" in the season 3 episode guide. I'll put up the other two parts soon.

2-1-99: Today is the day of the big update. For starters, as you probably already saw, we have a new logo, courtesy of this place. The banners he makes are really great, so I'd advise going there. Next item of business is that there are a ton of new screen captures from the season 2 episodes. Pictures are up from: Red Dawn, Repo Man, Time Fugitives Part 1 and 2, and Beauty and the Beast. That's pretty much it, but expect the season 1 screen capture section to be completed soon.

1-17-99: There'll be a BIG update to the page really soon. Stay tuned.

1-3-99: New screen captures put up. In season 1, pictures from "The Final Decision." In season 2, pictures from "Whatever It Takes."

12-27-98: Many new sets of pictures put up. From Season 1: Unstoppable Juggernaut and The Cure pictures. From Season 4: Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas pictures. More pictures coming soon.

11-28-98: New Poll of the Month, this time called, "Who is your favorite guest-star?" The winner of last month's poll, which was "Who is your favorite X-Man?," was Wolverine.

11-27-98: Pictures from the "Till Death Do Us Part" 2 parter in season 2, and from "Cold Comfort" (starring Iceman) in season 3.

11-14-98: Two things. First, a matter has come to my attention. The banner at the top of this page that says "DRG4's Marvel Cartoon Pages" is there for a reason. If you click on it, it will take you to the index where you can access my other Marvel cartoon pages.
Second, I put up some new screen captures, this time from
season 2. Pictures are now up from Reunion parts 1 and 2.

11-8-98: Pictures from "Days of Future Past Parts 1 and 2" put up.

11-7-98: Pictures from "Slave Island" in season 1 put up.

11-1-98: 2 new things today. Brand new poll is put up, for one. It's in the frame. Second, I put up a new chat room. It's also in the frame.

10-24-98: Pics from "Captive Hearts" in season 1 put up. Go to the season 1 episode guide to see them.

10-23-98 (later): The Fifth Horseman pics put up. That's the end of the season 5 pics for the moment, since those are all the ones I have on tape. Now, I'll start making season 1 episode pictures, not neccesarily in order.

10-23-98: Pictures from "Old Soldiers" put up. Go to the season 5 episode guide to see them.

10-18-98 (later)- "Descent" and "Hidden Agenda" pics put up. Go to the season 5 episode guide to see them.

10-18-98: I made some pics from "Graduation Day." Go to the season 5 episode guide and check them out. More pics from the episodes will be coming soon.

8-31-98: Page is redesigned

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