No Mutant Is An Island
(Episode 66)

Written by Sandy Scesny
Originally Broadcast on September 21, 1996

Cyclops, still in mourning after Jean Grey's "death", quits the X-men and returns to his orphange home and encounters his friend Sarah. She tells him that a wealthy man has decided to adopt all the mutant children, especially Rusty, but his intentions are to make them his army to destroy all humans in the world so that mutants are accepted. It's up to Cyclops to stop him and save the mutant children. Later, Cyclops returns to the mansion and he and the other X-men discover that Jean Grey hasn't perished after all.


This episode was originally a part of season 3 and was supposed to air after "Phoenix Saga Part 5: Child of Light." However, animation problems forced this episode to be held back for two years. Consequently, Jean Grey's resurrection was not properly explained for two years.

Kipp, a storyboard artist who worked on the show, comments on why this episode was held back:

"Longshot" and "No Mutant Is An Island" were horribly butchered by a new overseas animation studio (Phillipine Animation) that Saban contracted to use for a couple of shows [in the third season]. The result of Saban trying to save themselves a few bucks cost them the airing of two shows for this season. Even when the two shows were sent back to be corrected, they still came back super-lame.

Now, to save Fox's tail that May, it was lucky enough for them that the studio began work on the '95 season of shows that past summer. A few episodes that were not planned to air until the fall were already back in our hands and ready to go if Fox so desired. That's why you got to see Juggy, Nightcrawler (which was one of the best), and even the new Wolvie episode that co-starred Silver-Fox, Sabertooth and Maverick, LOOSELY based on the Wolverine comic #50. More flashbacks about Wolvie's past. ALL of their pasts actually.


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