Behind the Scenes of X-Men: The Animated Series

  Interview with Lawrence Bayne  

Lawrence Bayne provided the voices of Cable, Erik the Red, and Captain America. Read what he has to say about his X-perience. Interview conducted Winter 2004-2005.

  Behind the Scenes  

A fairly long article about the makings of the show, including Morph's origin.

  FOX Snares X-Men  

An article about the makings of the show before it actually premiered.

  X-Men Season 3 News  

Info on the third season. Includes a model sheet image of Deadpool.

  Mutant Animation: The X-Men's Television Series  

A detailed interview with Bob Harras, the show's Marvel Comics consultant. Features storyboards from "Night of the Sentinels."

  The Phoenix Takes Flight  

LONG article about the third season. Features lots of exclusive images. Don't read this if you haven't seen the "Phoenix" and "Dark Phoenix" episodes.

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