DRG4's X-Men Quickies: Season 5

Joe Calamari

A truck labeled "Joe's Calamari" appears in the beginning of THE PHALANX COVENANT, PART 1. Joe Calamari was one of the producers of the show.


Daredevil appears on a dart-board in the Purple Man's office in NO MUTANT IS AN ISLAND. In the comics, the Purple Man was one of Daredevil's enemies, so that's why he's on the dart-board.

Daredevil & Spider-Man

Kids wearing Daredevil and Spider-Man halloween costumes appeared in BLOODLINES

The Morlocks

The Morlocks appeared in GRADUATION DAY when Xavier and Gyrich were debating on television.

The Kangaroo

The Kangaroo appears with Feral and others throughout GRADUATION DAY

Sunfire, Husk, Toad, etc.

Sunfire, Husk, Toad, etc. appeared throughout GRADUATION DAY

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