Your name is Peter Parker, but that's not how most people know you. Many people in New York and across the globe are better accquainted with your alter-ego, Spider-Man. Right now, you've just returned to your home, which belongs to your Aunt May, after attending your friend Robbie Robertson's "Welcome Back" party. You and J. Jonah Jameson helped clear his name after Richard Fisk and the Kingpin set him up.

It's a long story. Anyway, after putting away your Spider-Man costume, you head downstairs. You see that Aunt May is not home. She's probably visiting with her friend Anna Watson. Her niece, Mary Jane, who's also your girlfriend, recently disappeared after your last tussle with the Green Goblin.

Another long story. You decide to turn on the TV and see what's on. You start watching a rerun of The Brady Bunch, when newscaster John Beard interrupts with a special news bulletin. It seems that one of your enemies, Hammerhead, has broken into ESU's Research and Devolpment facility, and is getting away with something. He's flying a helicopter and the police are trying to stop him. Just then, Beard says that another incident is happening across the city. This time, as the camera shows, the Rhino is attacking Stark Intdustries.

What do you?

Go After Hammerhead

Go After the Rhino

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