Going After Hammerhead

You decide to go after Hammerhead, so you run upstairs quickly to change into your Spider-Man costume. Making sure your web-shooters are full, you head off to stop the flat-topped crook.

You recall that John Beard said that Hammerhead was heading west from ESU, so you quickly web over to an area where you believe you can intercept him. On your way, you swing past your gargoyle friend Bruce. You say "Hey Bruce!" and continue onward. A few moments later, you see the helicopter being flown by Hammerhead. You shoot webbing at the rotor blades and Hammerhead is forced to land. You stand next to the chopper, waiting for him to come out, but he doesn't. Instead, he just sits inside grinning. All of a sudden, your spider sense goes off! You jump in the nick of time and almost miss one of the Shocker's blasts.

You try to attack Shocker, but his vibro-blasts keep getting in the way. Suddenly, your spider-sense tingles again! You look and see that Hammerhead got rid of the webbing in the blades and is starting the chopper up again.

What do you do?

Fight Shocker
Go after Hammerhead

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