Going After Rhino

You figure that the Rhino is a more deadly foe than Hammerhead, so you run up to your room to change. You get into your Spider-Man costume and make sure that your web-shooters are full.

After doing that, you quickly climb out your window and start webbing to Stark Industries. You recall that during your last visit there, you had a run in with Carnage.

You breathe a sigh of relief, remembering that Carnage, and his "father" Venom, are gone forever. You suddenly snap back to reality as your realize you've arrived at Stark Industries. The place is a warzone! All of Tony Stark's security staffers are trying to stop the Rhino but getting no where. You can tell from the destruction that Rhino has gone to Stark's R&D department and stolen something. He looks like he won't let anything stop him. Letting go of your web line, you jump at Rhino, hoping to surprise him. You don't. You land on him and he quickly knocks you off. He laughs, and then starts to run to a helicopter that has landed in the distance.

You get back onto your feet, but then all of a sudden your spider-sense starts tingling like crazy! You jump 20 feet into the air and barely avoid one of the Shocker's vibro-blasts. Shocker curses at you for dodging the blast, and then prepares his next shot. You quickly glance towards Rhino and see that the helicopter is taking off.

What do you do?

Fight with Shocker
Continue after Rhino

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