DRG4's Spider-Man: TAS Season 3 Episode Guide

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Dr. Strange
(Episode 28)

Dr. Strange guest-stars.

Make A Wish
(Episode 29)

The complete origin episode.

Attack of the Octo-Bot
(Episode 30)

Spider-Man and Doc Ock: Partners?

Enter the Green Goblin
(Episode 31)

Cue the Goblin laugh.

Rocket Racer
(Episode 32)

Spider-Man takes on the Big Wheel.

(Episode 33)

Peter Parker on trial?

The Man Without Fear
(Episode 34)

The Kingpin defeated?

The Ultimate Slayer
(Episode 35)

Smythe transforms.

(Episode 36)

Tombstone bullies Aunt May.

Venom Returns
(Episode 37)

Venom returns and brings a friend with him.

(Episode 38)

Carnage has an axe to grind.

The Spot
(Episode 39)

Spidey's in a tough spot.

Goblin War!
(Episode 40)

Green Goblin VS Hobgoblin.

Turning Point
(Episode 41)

The show will never be the same.

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