Make A Wish
(The Sins of the Fathers, Part 2; Episode 29)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier, Elliot S. Magin, & Meg McLaughlin
Originally Broadcast on May 4, 1996

Tired of Jameson giving Spider-Man the rap for all the crime in New York, Peter decides to give up the superhero business once and for all until he meets his biggest fan: a little girl named Tina, whose fondest wish is to meet Spider-Man. After she restores his faith, Spidey decides to give Tina a tour of New York, Spidey-style. But he doesn't count on Doc Ock spoiling their fun...


This episode is available on the "Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown" VHS/DVD, which you can buy from the BUY SPIDER-MAN STUFF section of this site.

This is the first episode to explain Spider-Man's origin in detail (since plans for James Cameron's movie had been scrapped).

The riot scene when Dr. Octopus attacks Michael Pingree features clips from the upcoming episode VENOM RETURNS (when Venom attacks Stark Enterprises). I guess VENOM RETURNS was finished first and they were able to pull footage from that episode to use here.


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