(The Sins of the Fathers, Part 11; Episode 38)

Story by John Semper
Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz, James Krieg, & John Semper
Originally Broadcast on November 9, 1996

Baron Mordo and Dormammu help Eddie's cell-mate, mass murderer Cletus Kassidy become an alien symbiote. Kassidy dubs himself Carnage. Now with two powerful symbiotes at his disposal, Dormammu attempts to utilize the interdimensional portal. But when Carnage threatens Venom's beloved Dr. Kafka, will Venom turn the tables and side with Spidey?


Venom and Carnage do not die at the end of this episode. John Semper had plans to bring Carnage back in the sixth season as "Jack the Ripper" in old England.


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